Icann internet and the future
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ICANN, Internet and the future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ICANN, Internet and the future. Philip Sheppard, AIM - European Brands Association Names Council ICANN. ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Numbers - interest to technocrats Names - of interest to Intellectual Property (IP). Self-regulation - the players.

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Presentation Transcript
Icann internet and the future
ICANN, Internet and the future

Philip Sheppard,

AIM - European Brands Association

Names Council ICANN

Icann internet corporation for assigned names and numbers
ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

  • Numbers - interest to technocrats

  • Names - of interest to Intellectual Property (IP)

Self regulation the players
Self-regulation - the players

  • Pipes and wires of the Internet

    • global registries, country registries, registrars, Internet Service Providers

  • Net users

    • business, non-commercial, intellectual property

Key ip issues
Key IP issues

  • Domain names and the potential for cybersquatting

  • So, need for accurate information (WHOIS)

  • So, need for dispute resolution (UDRP)

  • So, need for care in new domain names

Icann reform
ICANN reform

  • After four years, time to review the structures and process

  • Agreed in Shanghai, November 2002

    • new by-laws

    • slimmer Board, some chosen by a nominating committee

    • new policy process

    • separation of generics and country-names

New policy issues
New policy issues

  • Transfers and deletes of domain names- restrictive practices

  • Improving WHOIS data

  • Improving the UDRP

  • Internationalised domain names

  • New top-level domain names (gTLDs)

New names polarised debate
New names - polarised debate

  • IP advocates shocked from .com cybersquating

  • Non-comms (freedom to name advocates) shocked from losing domains

Common ground
Common ground

  • IP objective =consumer confidence

    IP strategy = IPR priority

  • Non-comm objective = fair use

    Non-comms strategy = limit IPR priority

    Same objective from perspective of net user  Findability

Proposal for differentiated names
Proposal for differentiated names

  • .com, .info are unrestricted, unsponsored

  • .museum, .aero are restricted/sponsored

    • restricted to a set of users

    • sponsored by an enforcement body

  • Business wants all new names to be:

    • restricted/sponsored

    • subject to six principles

Creating clarity principles
Creating clarity - principles

1.Differentiation – a gTLD must be clearly differentiated from all other gTLDs.

2.Certainty – a gTLD must give the user confidence that it stands for what it purports to stand for.

3.Honesty – a gTLD must avoid increasing opportunities for bad faith entities who wish to defraud users.

Domain name principles
Domain name principles

4. Competition – a gTLD must create value-added competition.

5. Diversity – a gTLD must serve commercial or non-commercial users.

6. Meaning – a gTLD must have meaning to its relevant population of users.

A directory of names
A directory of names

  • Restricted / sponsored and these six principles creates a taxonomy or directory for the domain name system.

  • Solves 3 IP issues:

    • No possibility to cyber squat

    • No need/ability to defensively register

    • Accurate WHOIS

Business needs you
Business needs YOU!

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