The water cycle
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The Water Cycle. (Ground water). California Marine Protection Areas. . Recommendations for San Diego. CONSERVATION (SHORT TERM & LONG TERM) • Implement the Regional Model Landscape Ordinance.

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The water cycle

California Marine Protection Areas

The water cycle

Recommendations for San Diego


• Implement the Regional Model Landscape Ordinance.

• Work with industry stakeholders to establish educational, training and

certification programs and compliance standards for landscape professionals.

• Work with local nurseries and retailers to promote drought-tolerant

landscaping & indoor water savings devices in their stores.

• Engage in a consistent and effective public education and outreach campaign

on how to achieve indoor and outdoor water conservation.

• Promote incentive-based water conservation rebates and implement more

aggressive residential tiered water rates to encourage users to save.

• Develop a long-term plan to retrofit all government-owned sites (parks, civic

centers, government facilities, freeway & roadway rights of way, etc.) with

drought-tolerant landscaping and weather-based irrigation controllers.

Where replacing landscaping is inconsistent with the intended use (e.g.,

active parks), consider adjustments to the irrigation schedule, install weatherbased

irrigation controllers and remove water-consumptive vegetation where


• Through education and incentives, encourage larger water users such as

apartment and condominium complexes and commercial and industrial sites

to install irrigation technologies like drip and weather-based irrigation

controllers and replace water-consumptive vegetation.

The water cycle

New Sources


Rainwater Harvesting

The water cycle

Energy Resources

Types: Non-Renewable & Renewable (Time frames!)

Examples of each?

The water cycle



-Stripped, Mountain-top removal



The water cycle


Wells: Drilled on land or offshore



The water cycle

Natural Gas

-Drilled wells



The water cycle

Energy Consumption

(Worldwide is about the same)