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Solving Individual and Church Problems

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Solving Individual and Church Problems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solving Individual and Church Problems. Shall we meet the inevitable conflicts of Christianity and worldliness with spiritual principles mined from the sacred text , or will we seek to circumnavigate them with psychological or social solutions ? Put another way,

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solving individual and church problems

Solving Individual and Church Problems

Shall we meet the inevitable conflicts of Christianity and worldliness with spiritualprinciples mined from the sacred text,

or will we seek to circumnavigate them with psychological or social solutions?

Put another way,

When we have a problem, individually or collectively, to where do we first turn for help and solutions- humanor divine reasoning?

problems are inevitable
“Problems” are inevitable.
  • Not because “we’re human”- that’s often just an excuse with which we comfort ourselves.
  • We have “problems” because we remain all too human in our thinking and fail tobecome “partakers of the divine nature”to the degree that we should, 2Pet.1:4.
  • So, we have “problems” or “challenges”- whatever we call them, we all have things that present us with obstacles to our faith in, and fidelity to, God.
  • They may be temptations to sin, sin itself, or just otherwise “moral distractions” (cf. Matt.6:33; Heb.12:1) which deter our dedication and service to God.
  • These “problems” need solutions.
  • Where will we find the solutions?
  • It all depends upon where we seek solutions!
jesus had problems too
Jesus had “problems” too.
  • “Yes” He was divine, Col.1:19; 2:9
  • And “yes” He was human also, Heb.2:14-18.
  • Since He was human, He too had “problems” which confronted Him, Matt.4:1-2.
  • But He resolved His “problems” with divine solutions:


“it is written…”


“it is written…”


“it is written…”

solving individual and church problems1

Solving Individual and Church Problems

As you may know, I personally am kind of “anti-fad.” That is, I tend to almost, if not altogether, reject whatever the current fad may be just because everyone else is doing it. But,

A few years back WWJD tee-shirts, hats, and bracelets became the rage.

Although it was an excellent point and question,

it seemed to be more of a “fashion trend” than true spiritual commitment.

For me, the problem wasn’t the question being asked as much as the fact that many asking it seldom, if ever, actually read the Bible to find the answers! cf. Matt.23:5

now think hard and very honestly
Now think hard and very honestly,
  • When you are confronted with some “problem” in your life, what is your initial reaction with regard to looking for or finding a solution?
  • Is it to turn to the Word of God for answers and the proper course of action?
  • Or, is it to think of some other psycho-babble, politically correct, government-sponsored, or social solution?
  • Psychologists, the PC police, the government, fads (even well-intentioned ones which become corrupted by society), and popular culturedo not provide real, working answers to our problems,

the Word of God does, 2Pet.1:3; 2Tim.3:16-17.

this is true personally and collectively
This is true personally, and collectively.
  • As a congregation of the Lord’s people, when we are faced with some “problem”- whatever it is, what is our first reaction in seeking an answer or solution?
  • Is it to prayerfully turn to God’s Word for answers, as in Acts 15:1-11 > 12-21?
  • Or, is it to look to more “modern,” politically correct, and socially acceptable answers that we might “be like all the nations” around us? cf. 1Sam.8:5,20
  • The Israelites of Samuel’s day didn’t go to God and His Word for answers to their problems, and their problems multiplied.
  • The “religious world” of Jesus’ day didn’t go to God and His Word for answers- they “broadened their phylaceteries and lengthened the tassels of their garments” to appear more religious, but rejected Jesus anyway!
  • We, both individually and collectively, had better seek real answers from the Word of God which produce true spiritual commitment and obedience instead of “feel good” fluff!
consider very carefully
Consider very carefully:

Where do you go for answers to your problems?

And, Elders, Deacons, Preachers, Teachers, and Members, with what do you seek to solve congregational “problems”- whatever they may be?

It had better be “the Book”!