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IT Career Framework Job Description Workshop. The IT Career Framework. Job Descriptions at UBC are both an art and a science. M&P IT Guidelines. Jobs at UBC are reviewed to determine what duties are performed and therefore what job family they are part of

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IT Career Framework

Job Description Workshop

M&P IT Guidelines

Jobs at UBC are reviewed to determine what duties are performed and therefore what job family they are part of

There are 38 M&P Job Families on the UBC campus. Each Job Family has a description that correlates to M&P Occupational Guidelines. The guidelines are used to determine a position’s level by assigning minimums and scope that are unique to each

M&P IT guidelines have 8 levels from A-H

Overview - Aligning people to job descriptions


Look at summary and core duties

Pick the one that reflects the main focus of individual’s job > 50%


Elaborate on summary

enter specific duties currently performed by individual

M&P IT Guidelines

Identify the individual’s current classification

enter remaining details into Job Description

Individual JD


Locate ladder. Read description

Based on current level, locate JDs that apply (likely 2)

STEP ONE – Select a template

Look at the job ladder description to find the right ladder for the staff member. This should be the ladder that describes >50% of their job

Find the templates that align to their current compensation. There is likely 2. Choose the one whose summary and core duties most apply.

If you don’t find one that applies, contact HR before you start writing a new job description

STEP TWO – Specific Duties

Reflects the unique aspects of an individuals job

Follow the format outlined in the Hints and Terms document

Goal is to be specific enough to be meaningful

Generic enough to be flexible

STEP THREE – M&P IT Guidelines

Find the M&P IT Guideline that aligns to the staff members current compensation

Ensure language aligns to what is outlined

If you see some misalignment, which requires a reclassification, contact HR to help you through this process.

Pointers - Writing a JD for IT at UBC

Be literal, not literary – clear, concise language

Accuracy – don’t understate or overstate. Describe the position as it exists today

Avoid technical terms, acronyms or abbreviations

Use non-discriminatory language

If it is less than 5% of the job, don’t include it.


<enter expected timeline for events>

Forwards to UBC HR Compensation & Classification for processing

Manager Schedules 1:1 with staff member to review newly aligned job description and competency expectations

Manager writes new job descriptions for staff based on CF Templates

Department HR representative reviews and approves (or adjusts in conjunction with Manager)

NOTE: you may want to complete a PDP at this point.

Where to find materials

All materials are found on the site