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Enchanted Rock

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Enchanted Rock - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enchanted Rock. State Natural Area. Enchanted Rock is more than an appropriate name for this massive Pink Granite dome settled in the Texas Hill Country.

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Enchanted Rock

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    1. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

    2. Enchanted Rock is more than an appropriate name for this massive Pink Granite dome settled in the Texas Hill Country.

    3. The pink dome dominates the horizon of the park. The summit is a 3/5 mile walk and is 425 feet in elevation at the top; the perfect lookout for the various groups of Native Americans that roamed this area. Man has lived in the Enchanted Rock area for about 8,000 years using its vast resources as means of survival

    4. Vernal Pools • The granite summit would be otherwise barren without these fragile miniature habitats consisting of diverse plant and microbial communities, each unique. • The plants growing in these vernal pools must be able to survive the harsh conditions. With only a thin layer of soil and a tendency to dry up without rainfall.

    5. The granite composing Enchanted Rock is estimated to be 1 billion years old. The dome shape of the granite is a recent result of the last few million years worth of weathering and erosion. The granite dome is part of a larger granite mass formed during the Precambrian Era. It is among the oldest geological rock exposures in the state. A far greater portion of the dome formation still lies beneath the surface of the ground.

    6. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is rich with plant and animal lifethat are native to Texas

    7. Plants here have to survive a harsh environment. The vegetation in this region of Texas is well adapted to the thin topsoil, the hot dry seasons even withstanding drought.

    8. More plants and animal residents of Enchanted Rock

    9. A rainbow assortment of lichens grow on the bare granite surfaces. The presence of lichen is a good indication that environmental conditions are healthy because lichen are extremely sensitive to acid rain and air pollution.

    10. More evidence of lichens

    11. Trails navigate up to the top of Enchanted Rock and around the bedrock, from which the rest of the great state of Texas was formed. The trails are well maintained and marked. Visitors are encouraged to explore beyond the trails and into the many pastures, rock formations and caves.

    12. Enchanted Rock is a great place to spend the day, camp, backpack, rock climb and hike. The scenery is unlike anything other making this a truly unique place to explore.

    13. For more information visit www.tpwd/state.tx.us “Take only pictures and leave only footprints.”