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Shattered, Smashed , Destroyed

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Shattered, Smashed , Destroyed . By Cheyann McDougall. Leaves ran across the bristly green grass, the trees waved and the sun smiled as Amelia, Nikita and I trotted pass on our stunning horses. I thought it was going to be a tremendous day!.

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Leaves ran across the bristly green grass, the trees waved and the sun smiled as Amelia, Nikita and I trotted pass on our stunning horses.

I thought it was going to be a tremendous day!


Flicka is my thoroughbred x quarter-horse mare; she has a silky chestnut coat, a curly golden mane and tail with white glowing coronets and a sparkly white blaze.

Bear was owned by my friend Nikita. He has a glistening black coat, a tiny white star and a midnight black mane and tail.

Dream belonged to my other friend Amelia. She has a soft palomino coat with one thin stripe and four gleaming socks.


Riding for hours we stopped in amazement. Blue clear water sprinted in a rush down the steep waterfall and flowed into the calm pond below. White flowers with blazes of pink and red grew around the edges. Taking a photo, it would make a beautiful master piece in my room.

After a while in this magical place we decided to canter back home.

Arriving to the new stables we covered their glorious western saddles and locked them up in a poky musty stall.

Leading our sweaty but radiant horses up to the deck we picked out their feet and brushed their mane and tail till they were silky smooth, before washing them down.


“What are you going to do now??” Amelia said worriedly.“Not sure! "I replied with a puzzled look on my face." "How about you replace it!” Nikita answered. “No she will find out!”

As I walked past the ledge I must have swiped Mum’s priceless locket on the ground by accident.

Clip, clop, clip, crunch. Oh no! The sound of the crunch was all I needed to know.

So without thinking my plan through I hid the locket in a vase; it was a snowy white vase with graceful blue patterns on it. Hiding Mum’s locket wasn't the brightest spark that hit me.

Mum,slocket is a glossy, shimmery locket, a red rosy ruby is fitted at the top between two twinkly bars.


Waking up the next morning fear rejected everything. I was to afraid to go down stairs; just to see Mum and the vase sent chills down my spine.

During school time all I could think about was the ruined locket.

My eye caught Mum as she held up the smashed, shattered locket.

Entering our dazzling clean home, silence and guilt closed in on me.

Grounded for one month I sit in boredom, waiting til’I get my freedom back.

Now I'm sitting in my room writing this recount story two weeks after the locket incident.