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Northwest University

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Northwest University
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Northwest University

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  1. Northwest University Automated Timecard Training

  2. Northwest University Hourly Employees

  3. Northwest University What is new with the automated timecards?

  4. Northwest University For example, you will record your time for each day May 1 – May 20; plus you will record any CLV Hours Used for those days. You will be paid in a faster manner, no longer will you be paid two weeks in arrears. For example, you will record your time May 1 – May 20 and you will be paid for that time on the May 30 paycheck You will be recording both your time and CLV Hours Used for the same real-time period on your electronic timecard You will be recording your time electronically and submitting it electronically for approval; no more paperwork Due to holidays and weekends, there will be a few times you will be asked to estimate your time so payroll can be completed timely.

  5. Northwest University Pay periods are changing to bring both the hourly and salaried onto the same pay period. You can see the pay periods on the Accounting Eagle Website. Nancy Redfield will be sending out reminders for the pay periods for both employees and supervisors.

  6. Northwest University What is not changing with the automated timecards?

  7. Northwest University Paycheck dates will not be changing. They remain the 15th and the last day of the month, moving slightly to accommodate weekends or holidays

  8. Northwest UniversityEntering Daily Time Step 1: Register or re-register on IPAY using the registration code of NUPAYROLL-1207 Step 2: Login to ADP Step 3: Click on the Time and Attendance Tab Step 4: Select My Timecard Step 5: Click Timecard button Step 6: Enter your Time In, Time Out for Lunch, Time In for Lunch, Time Out for the day (if you enter Time In and Time Out only for the day, the computer will assume a 30 minute lunch) Step 7: Save Step 8: Repeat for all the days in the pay period Step 9: On the last day of the pay period, at the top of the page, click Employee Approval Required, click Approve and click Ok.

  9. Northwest UniversityEntering CLV Step 1: Login to ADP Step 2: Click on the Time and Attendance Tab Step 3: Select My Timecard Step 4: Click Timecard button Step 5: For CLV Hours Used, enter # of hours on that day, click on hourglass icon and from the drop down menu, select CLV Hours Used as the earnings code Step 6: Save Step 7: Repeat for all the days/hours you are claiming CLV

  10. Northwest UniversityIf I wanted to print my timecard, how do I do that? Step 1: Login to ADP Step 2: Click on the Time and Attendance Tab Step 3: Select My Timecard Step 4: Click Timecard button Step 5: Click Printable View Step 6: In the Printable View window, expand categories Step 7: Print YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PRINT OUT YOUR TIMECARD

  11. Northwest UniversityHow do I View My CLV Balances? Step 1: Login to ADP Step 2: Click on the My Accruals Tab Step 3: Select Benefits Step 4: Click CLV Hours Used button Step 5: Click Total Hours Balance

  12. Northwest University Reba Mart Controller 425-889-5216 Nancy Redfield Payroll Administrator 425-889-4206 NU Eagle Website Panopto Training Sessions On-line Training ADP/IPAY Training Tab On-line Tutorials Resources