my 1 st year n.
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My 1 st Year

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My 1 st Year - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My 1 st Year . Teaching at Lower Level Schools. Today’s Schedule . Brief Background Information Main Activity Group Discussion. Background. First-Year teaching on the JET Program 4 Schools Iwai Sakai Bando-Sogo Sowa Tech. What did I do wrong?. Class 1 - 1. The students were either:

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my 1 st year

My 1st Year

Teaching at Lower Level Schools

today s schedule
Today’s Schedule
  • Brief Background Information
  • Main Activity
  • Group Discussion
  • First-Year teaching on the JET Program
  • 4 Schools
    • Iwai
    • Sakai
    • Bando-Sogo
    • Sowa Tech

What did I do wrong?

Class 1 - 1

  • The students were either:
  • Sleeping
  • Talking (shouting across the room)
  • Walking around (in and out of the classroom)
  • Throwing rolled up paper balls (my worksheets from my self-introduction)

Putting myself in their shoes

    • I was once a student myself and studying another language in high school was not of my interest then.
  • If my JTE couldn’t keep the students in check, how would I?
    • Realizing that I can’t either saved me lots of time and stress.
  • Talking to other ALTs and figuring out ways to connect with students helped a lot:
    • For example, giving out prizes for games and activities

How to make this work….?

3 thing i ve learned
3 Thing I’ve Learned

1. My Expectations vs. Believable Expectations

  • Example:
    • My Expectation: I expect all students to listen and learn at least one thing every lesson
    • Believable Expectation: Only a few students will listen and learn one thing every few lessons
3 thing i ve learned1
3 Thing I’ve Learned

2. Adaptability

  • Being prepared for anything that could happen in a classroom
    • All classrooms are different. There are quiet classrooms, and then there are classrooms that are loud
      • Example: Base school, huge differences in classroom noise
  • Getting their attention and keeping it
    • “Kawaii sensei!!!”
    • Talking students
  • Lesson Planning
3 thing i ve learned2
3 Thing I’ve Learned

3. Building healthy teaching relationships with JTEs

  • A very crucial part of teaching with another person
    • Communicating and discussing lessons before actual class time allows teaching efficiency in the classroom
      • JTEs are usually quite busy, but by providing a printed lesson plan, they can read it when they’re not busy
  • Conversing about nonrelated class topics
    • Building chemistry
      • For example:
        • New JTEs -> different teaching styles -> talking about nonrelated class topics build chemistry
          • Visiting School
let s go ganbatte
Let’s Go! Ganbatte!

Although everyday is different, being able to utilize, learn from, and go through each experience has taught me more and more about being a teacher, and most importantly, teaching at lower level schools.

I’ve learned how to have believable expectations, how to be more adaptable and flexible to different occurrences in a classroom, and how to keep communication flowing with my JTEs.

group discussions
Group Discussions
  • Groups of 4
  • Please discuss these two questions:
    • When you find yourself with a loud classroom, how would you grab those student’s attention?
    • If you could give an advice to help someone prepare for teaching at lower level schools, what would it be?