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Talking Bird. http:// http:// Talking Bird. Talking birds are birds that can mimic human speech.

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talking bird1
Talking Bird
  • Talking birds are birds that can mimic human speech.
  • Some people want a pet that they can exercise and play with, and some people want a pet that will help keep them warm at night. 
  • However, not just any talking bird will do. Some birds speak quietly, while others will scream at the top of their lungs.
top 10 list of talking bird
TOP 10 list of talking bird

10. Budgerigar

Also known as the Budgie, or Parakeet, this common little bird is capable of learning a large number of phrases and songs. Their voice tends to be low and not always defined, and males tend to train better than females.

- Origin = Australia


9. Monk Parakeet

 Also called the Quaker Parakeet, this colorful little bird is actually a small parrot. They are known for being very clever and social, developing large vocabularies of phrases and words.

- Origin = Argentina


8.  Blue-Fronted Amazon

If you want a companion for life, this is a good fit. The Blue-Fronted can live for up to 100 years, or more. They have an excellent speaking voice, with a strong ability to mimic human voices.

Origin = Sao Paulo Brazil


7. Indian Ringneck

Very clever little birds, Indian Ringnecks can develop a large vocabulary, and speak very clearly in sentences. Not so much for mimicking the pitch of a human voice, they more often speak in their own bird voices, though they can carry the mood of the phrase.Successfully adapted to living in 'disturbed habitats'

Origin = Africa and Asia (India , Bangladesh, Pakistan)


6. Eclectus

Known for being especially gender dimorphous -- the male is green and the female bright red -- this parrot is able to verbalize distinctly and mimic the tone and mood of language. While its capabilities are strong, these abilities depend entirely on training from an early age.

Origin =  Solomon Islands, Sumba, New Guinea and nearby islands, northeastern Australia and the Maluku Islands (Moluccas). 


5. Yellow-Crowned Amazon

Considered to be nearly as good as the Yellow-Naped, with less of a tendency to nip.

Origin =  South America and Panama. 


4.  Double Yellow Head Amazon 

Closely following the Yellow-Naped, with an excellent ability to mimic human voices and a love for song.

Origin = Mexico and northern Central America.


3. Hill Myna

This pretty little black bird has an amazing capacity for mimicking human voices, with a varied range of pitch and tonality.

Origin =  South Asia and Southeast Asia


2. Yellow-NapedAmazon

f the Amazon parrots, the Yellow-Naped is the best known for its speaking abilities. They love to sing and are highly intelligent, with an uncanny ability to mimic human speech and cadence.


= Amazona a. auropalliata: Southern Mexico to north-western Costa Rica.

=Amazona a. parvipes: Mosquito Coast in eastern Honduras and north-eastern Nicaragua.

=Amazona a. caribaea: Bay Islands, Honduras.


 African Grey

 The African Grey is widely considered to be the smartest of the talking birds, and one of the most intelligent in the animal kingdom overall. Some experts say they approach the ability to speak and relate concepts on the level of a human toddler. Of the two standard "domesticated" species, the Timneh African Grey tends to learn to speak at a younger age than the Congo African Grey.

Origin = islands of Príncipe and Bioko