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Research. What you’re looking for…. Facts Information that relates to your topic. What you’re not looking for…. Opinions Information that is meant to entertain (for fun). Trusted sources for information. T he databases Mrs. Collazo will tell you about in the library

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what you re looking for
What you’re looking for…..
  • Facts
  • Information that relates to your topic
what you re not looking for
What you’re not looking for…..
  • Opinions
  • Information that is meant to entertain (for fun)
trusted sources for information
Trusted sources for information
  • The databases Mrs. Collazo will tell you about in the library
  • Non-fiction books out of the library
  • Information from university websites
sources you should not trust
Sources you should not trust…..
  • Wikipedia
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Fiction books in the library
what must i use
What must I use?
  • At least 3 database sources for PAP and 2 database sources for academic classes (articles you have found using the databases)
  • At least 1 non-fiction book
  • A total of 4 sources for PAP
  • A total of 3 sources for academic classes
a research plan
A research plan

You have your topic, now you need to figure out what it is you want to know about it.

-Generate 4 questions pertaining to your topic. These questions will be the stems for your research. Make sure your questions allow for detailed answers.

-You will build your research from your questions by looking through the databases and books for answers. Again, make sure you are able to get detailed and in depth answers; not one or two word answers.

taking notes
Taking Notes
  • Write your main questions on the pink sheet of paper I provided you. These will also be written on an envelope and affixed to your folder that I will provide you. This folder will be your lifeline throughout this research process, and will be turned in on 10/28.
  • Come up with at least 7 more sub-question you want answered about your topic
  • Write those questions on a separate sheet of notebook paper or note cards (preferred)
  • As you find answers to your questions, write them down on your paper or note cards (preferred.) You will file the note cards in the pockets of the folder that I have provided.
  • Make sure you have written the source you obtained your information from on the back of the note card. You will need this for your bibliography page.
taking notes1
Taking Notes
  • Information needed for bibliography page, and must be on the back of note cards: title, author, and source (where you found the article, unless it’s a book) for each question you answered.
  • Remember you must have at least four sources!!
summarize and paraphrase
Summarize and Paraphrase
  • Write just the main ideas of information you have found in your own words
  • This happens when you copy something from someone else’s writing and put it in your writing
  • This happens when you copy and paste or copy something down word for word
  • This is considered stealing and is a very serious offense!!
  • If you want to use a writer’s exact words, put them in quotation marks and identify the source.
outlining your report
Outlining Your Report
  • An outline is a plan for your report and shows how you are grouping the information you have gathered and the order in which you will present the information in your report.
  • You will do this by listing major subtopics or categories of information related to your topic.

Where cats live

-in people’s house

-they sleep in cozy beds

-they don’t like to be wet

What cats look like



-similar to lions

What cats do




How cats get along with people

-they let you know when they want to play

-they will let you know when they want to cuddle

-they will let you know when they want to be picked up

main idea statement
Main Idea Statement
  • Identify the major points in your outline
  • Combine the major points in a single sentence

This will be your main idea statement!!

your r esearch r eport
Your Research Report


-Attention-getting beginning

-Main idea statement


-Heading with at least one fact

-Heading with at least two facts

-and so on…..


-Restatement of your main idea

List of Sources or Bibliography

-Must be alphabetized by author and include what database in which you found it