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Tablet based sales order taking module


What is FactsRWD

Windows based tablet application for customer wise order taking in market

Application to view outstanding balances

Stock balance and stock details

Prepare sales order and generate print outs


Selecting a customer

Sales man is ready to take order from the

customers with his tablet

Once a customer arrives, he use two method to

identify the customer,

1. Scan loyalty card

2. Enter customer detail in search bar


Loyalty Card

Loyalty cards are given to customers .

Benefits of loyalty card:

1. Acquire customers that are likely to repurchase -

even though this may be at the expense of initial

raw response

2. Recognize which customers are unlikely to

repurchase and limit your marketing spend for this

segment accordingly

3. Focus the marketing budget on those who exhibit

the same profile as existing repurchases but have

yet to buy a second time.

4. Retain existing customers


Loyalty Card scanning

Application provides a scanning window to

scan QR code/Barcode entered in loyalty



Customer selection by typing

Customer can be searched with various


1. Phone number

2. Name of customer

3. Code of customer

4. email address


Customer Actions

Once the customer is searched , two

options are available

1. Start Shopping : To start order

2. View Details


Basic Info

In this option, salesman can view the

customer basic details including,

1. Balance credit

2. Debit

3. Credit

4. PDC’s

5. Credit limit and Credit Days


Outstanding Details

Adjacent to Basic Info tab, we can

found the outstanding details of the

selected customer.

It includes,

1. Particular with document date,

number and remarks

2. Debt

3. Credit

4. Balance


Stock Search

Stock can be searched in following


1. Stock name

2. Stock code

3. Brand

4. Class

5. Category


Stock Basic Info

Stock Basic Info gives basic

information's on

1. Product full description

2. Price

3. Available Qty

4. Unit

5. Grouping details


Stock Details

Get all details of particular stock

from stock master


Similar Products

Below every stock details, we can

find the similar products in same

variety ,origin for easy access


Order a Product

Quantity can be ordered from 2


In main stock search there is option

to enter quantity and upon click on

ORDER button it is added to cart.

Also in detail window we can order,

using Ordered Qty textbox and ADD

TO CART button



Items ordered are kept in Application Cart.

Cart window link and items added in cart

can be shown on right top of the page.

No. of items added in cart are shown in

green colour


1. Shopping cart gives complete summary of all products ordered.

2. We can change quantity from cart, if needed

3. Sales remarks can be entered in Remarks textbox

4. To purchase further , we can use CONTINUE SHOPPING option

5. To complete order , Click CHECKOUT option

6. On clicking CHECKOUT button, all data will saved as Sales Order on main server

and a print out preview of Sales Order will generate on tablet

7. To print document click PRINT button on print preview page


Print Preview ordered.