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Template. World Carfree Network. On the move. and the carfree movement. About. World C arfree N etwork is the hub of the global carfree movement . I t is a global network of organisations and individuals, dedicated to promoting alternatives to car dependence and automobile-based planning.

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World Carfree Network

On the move

and the carfreemovement


  • World Carfree Network is the hub of the global carfree movement.

  • It is a global network of organisations and individuals, dedicated to promoting alternatives to car dependence and automobile-based planning.


  • Carbusters began as an organisation in 1997, and operated out of Lyon, France. It later relocated to Prague, Czech Republic, where it is today.

  • At the 2004 Towards Carfree Cities conference, the World Carfree Network was formally launched, with Carbusters being retained as the name of the quarterly magazine.


Today the World Carfree Network contains

over 80 member organisations...

  • ...and hundreds of dedicated and active individuals on every inhabited continent.


  • Our long-term goal is the attainment of carfree cities and many of us look forward to a world without cars. Perhaps idealistic by nature, we are realistic in our work. Short and mid-term goals involve the following:

Carfree Cities, Joel Crawford


  • The drastic reduction of car use in cities, and a boost of public transport, cycling and walking

Bogotá, Colombia


  • Further, the design and development of cities based on the principles of sustainable transport as well as non-car oriented urban planning.

Bogotá, Colombia


  • Ideally, we design our cities and communities based on the principle of short distances, where most destinations can be reached by foot or by bicycle.

Vienna, Austria and Bogotá, Columbia


  • Through a combination of materials, products and public outreach, the World Carfree Network attempts to be a reference point and the mouthpiece of its member organisations and individuals around the world.

Critical Mass, Budapest Hungary

Conference series
Conference Series

  • Towards Carfree Cities: a yearly conference series bringing together architects, urban planners, environmental and carfree activists, representatives from government as well as business and lay people, to explore the carfree concept.



  • A quarterly magazine, produced and sent out from the Prague office, dedicated to a wide variety of issues, connected to sustainable mobility and urban issues, and containing the most important developments in the carfree movement.



  • The World Carfree Monthly newsletter issent out every month by e-mail, and contains news, updates and announcements. It is currently published in English, German, Czech, French and Spanish.


Resource centre
Resource Centre

  • Located in Prague, it is our store full of books, videos, t-shirts and other materials. Includes the famous „One less car“ sticker in dozens of languages.


Autoholics anonymous
Autoholics Anonymous

  • Inspired by Alcoholics Anonymous, this version uses humour and takes the form of a self-help group, offering membership and helping people in a 12-step programme to recover from “car addiction”.


World carfree day
World Carfree Day

  • Support and Promotion for the year’s greatest celebration of carfree – September 22.

  • It is closely related to Mobility Week, which coincides with carfree day, and is supported by hundreds of cities all over the world.


Join us
Join Us

  • Become a member organisation: this will plug you and your community right into the work of WCN

  • Contribute articles to Carbusters or send news to the monthly bulletin

  • Translate the bulletin or other resources into your language

  • Hold carfree video nights or discussion evenings (we can help with ideas and materials!)

Join us1
Join Us

  • Subscribe to the magazine

  • Promote WCN or help distribute the magazine or other resources

  • Come to the annual conference or make a presentation

  • Volunteer technical, fundraising or media support

Join us2
Join Us

  • Make a donation

  • Join the office for the year as an EVS volunteer

  • Get active with one of the many member organisations

  • Be creative! What else comes to your mind?


www.worldcarfree.net www.carbusters.org www.autoholics.org