Targeted referral marketing in home healthcare
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Targeted Referral Marketing in Home Healthcare - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Targeted Referral Marketing in Home Healthcare. Presented by Jack Evans Global Media Marketing Target Referral Sources. Make a list of all current physician referral sources.

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Targeted referral marketing in home healthcare l.jpg

Targeted Referral Marketing in Home Healthcare

Presented by

Jack Evans

Global Media Marketing

Target referral sources l.jpg
Target Referral Sources

  • Make a list of all current physician referral sources.

  • Make a list of all other healthcare professionals who refer patients to you.

  • Categorize this list by specialty area or disease state.

Target referral sources cont l.jpg
Target Referral Sources (cont.)

  • Create an “A” list of referral sources within a 3 to 5 mile radius of your location who refer over half of your patients. Visit these monthly.

  • Create a “B” list of potential referral sources within this area who do not currently refer patients. Visit them monthly for 2-3 times to see if you will begin to get their patients.

Steps for referral marketing l.jpg
Steps for Referral Marketing

  • Call Referral Source to introduce yourself and explain that literature will be mailed.

  • Mail literature with a cover letter outlining what you can do for them.

  • Call back one week later to verify that the letter was received and set up an appointment.

Slide5 l.jpg

Cover Letter

Dear Healthcare Provider,

Welcome to Family Home Health Care.

We offer a complete selection of home medical equipment and supplies. But service is our real niche. All of us at Family HHC are professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the home health care answers and information you need.

We have the largest showroom in the Los Angeles, featuring the most comprehensive selection of equipment and supplies for virtually any home treatment or rehabilitation program prescribed for our customers. And we pride ourselves on being specialists in medical equipment for the home.

Family Home Health Care is recognized for achieving the highest level of care that exceeds all State and Federal regulations, having been awarded accreditation with commendation.

Rentals. Sales. Repairs. Patient Education. Product training. These are the services we provide beyond the sales of home healthcare products. We have been meeting the home healthcare needs of our community since 1983, and our pledge is to continue doing so each and every day.

Please don’t hesitate to call us whenever you have a question or need concerning home healthcare.

Steps for referral marketing cont l.jpg
Steps for Referral Marketing (cont.)

  • Learn as much as possible from your contact or online about this referral source.

  • Meet with referral source to present your HHC offering and learn about their home healthcare needs.

  • Mail a thank-you note for meeting with you.

Marketing to new referral sources l.jpg
Marketing to New Referral Sources

  • First Visit: Present your business card and brochure specific to their patient base. Question and learn about their patient’s home healthcare needs.

  • Second Visit: Present a catalog or sales folder. Demonstrate your complete product and service offering. Set-up an inservice in their requested area.

Marketing to new referral sources cont l.jpg
Marketing to New Referral Sources (cont.)

  • Third Visit: Present an inservice with the respective vendor rep and include breakfast or lunch.

  • Remember to send thank-you cards after each visit!

  • Call your contact at the end of every month to find out how their patients like your program/ products/services.

Marketing to current referral sources l.jpg
Marketing to Current Referral Sources

  • Offer inservices on new products and services that are needed by their respective patients.

  • Bring “experts” such as your HME vendor reps to conduct these product trainings.

  • Bring breakfast or lunch, depending upon the time of day.

Marketing to current referral sources cont l.jpg
Marketing to Current Referral Sources (cont.)

  • Try to schedule monthly inservices for your key referral sources.

  • Mail monthly.

  • Call monthly.

Marketing tools for new referral sources l.jpg



Sales Folders



Sample Program



Direct Mail

Open Houses

Disease Management Programs

Marketing Tools for New Referral Sources

Does your vendor coop program include these?!?

Creating sales tools l.jpg
Creating Sales Tools

  • Request new product information from vendors, trade magazines and distributors.

  • Catalog literature by disease state.

  • Copy onto your own masthead.

  • Take copies of all information on one specific topic/disease state whenever you call on a referral source.

  • Become a home healthcare resource for your referral sources.

Slide16 l.jpg

Sales Presentation Folder (Right Side w/tiered sheets)

Mobility Products Homecare Bedroom Bathroom Safety Compression Therapy Respiratory Therapy Home Diagnostics Our Service

Monthly mailing program l.jpg
Monthly Mailing Program

3-month rotational basis program:

  • Generic Literature

  • Product Literature

  • Product at a Price

Monthly mailing program cont l.jpg
Monthly Mailing Program (cont.)

  • Coordinate with distributor/ manufacturer promotions

  • Include a personal note or business card

  • Call the following week to see if they have any questions.

Open houses l.jpg
Open Houses

  • Focus on a category and/or disesase state.

  • Plan a luncheon or after-work wine-and-cheese.

  • Invite vendors to display and demonstrate their products. Charge them for tables to defer food cost.

  • Offer raffle and door prizes.

Open houses cont l.jpg
Open Houses (cont.)

  • Invite a local hospital/medical/ insurance executive to present a brief keynote talk.

  • Send formal VIP invitations with RSVP cards. Call to follow-up.

  • Invite local newspapers.

  • Invite a radio station to broadcast live.

Primary hhc disease management programs l.jpg
Primary HHC Disease Management Programs

  • Asthma

  • Cancer

  • Congestive Heart Failure

  • COPD

  • Diabetes

  • High-risk Pregnancy

  • Hypertension

  • Obesity

  • Sleep Apnea

Hhc disease management program outline l.jpg
HHC Disease Management Program Outline

  • Patient diagnosis by disease state

  • Patient evaluation (intake & assessment)

  • Treatment plan

  • Patient education

    • Medication compliance

    • Related HME

    • Self-management plan

  • Referral source education

  • S.O.A.P Analysis

  • Monthly monitoring & utilization review

  • Quarterly evaluation and report to referral source

  • Positive outcomes l.jpg

    Interrelated Components




    Post-acute care

    Self management

    Overall Goals

    Improved Quality of Life

    Fewer hospital and ER admissions

    Fewer unplanned physician visits

    Greater independence

    Positive Outcomes

    Diabetes program outline l.jpg
    Diabetes Program Outline

    • Identify the Diabetic Patient

    • Patient Evaluation

    • Evaluate Drug Therapy

      • Prescriptions

      • OTC’s

      • HME (Leg Health)

  • Referral Source Loop

    • Diabetic Educator

    • National/Local Associations

  • Diabetes program outline27 l.jpg
    Diabetes Program Outline

    • Patient Education

      • Glucose Control

      • Blood Testing

      • Foot & Leg Health

      • Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Written Self-Management Plan

  • Monitor & Evaluate Treatment Plan

  • Basic training 101 l.jpg
    Basic Training 101

    Blood Glucose Control

    • How to obtain a blood sample

    • How to test a blood sample with a blood glucose meter

    • How to record the test results

    • How to maintain quality assurance with control tests

    • How to care and maintain the glucose meter

    • How to store and use test strips

    Diabetes standards of care l.jpg
    Diabetes Standards of Care

    • American Diabetes Association (ADA)

    • American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)

    • National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

    • National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)

    Ada s link for health care professionals l.jpg
    ADA’s “Link!” for Health Care Professionals

    "Make the Link! Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke" Program

    • Health care providers talk to their patients about the link between diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

    • 68% of people with diabetes do not consider cardiovascular disease to be a serious complication of diabetes.

    • 60% of people with diabetes surveyed do not feel at risk for either high blood pressure or cholesterol problems.

    Ada s link educational materials l.jpg
    ADA’s “Link!” Educational Materials

    Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease Review

    • Issue 1: Redefining Diabetes Control

    • Issue 2: Hypertension in Diabetes

    • Issue 3: Diabetic Dyslipidemia

    • Issue 4: Nutrition, Diabetes and CVD

    • Issue 5: Coronary Heart Disease in Women with Diabetes

    • Issue 6: Peripheral Arterial Disease in Diabetes

    • Issue 7: Promoting Weight Loss in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Importance and Strategies

    • Issue 8: Prescribing Physical Activity for the Management of Cardiovascular Disease and

    Slide35 l.jpg

    • Other Titles:

    • High & Low Glucose Levels

    • Physical Activities & Diabetes

    • Healthy Eating & Diabetes

    • Medications & Diabetes

    • (

    Diabetes category l.jpg

    Core Products

    Control Supplies (Insulin, lancets, syringes, test strips and glucose)

    Blood Glucose Meters

    Related Products

    Blood Pressure Monitors

    Shoes, Socks & Foot Care

    Compression Stockings

    Skin Care

    Oral & Eye Care

    Sugar/Alcohol-Free Foods, OTC’s & Vitamins & Minerals

    Identification Products

    Pressure Management Surfaces & Seating

    Erection Aids

    Diabetes Category

    Referral sources for diabetic care l.jpg
    Referral Sources for Diabetic Care

    • Physician

    • Diabetic Educator

    • Podiatrist

    • Endocrinologist

    • Dietician

    • Retinal Specialist

    Outside salesperson s responsibilities l.jpg
    Outside Salesperson’s Responsibilities

    • Call on local referral sources and document these sales calls.

    • Attend local meetings of healthcare professionals.

    • Inservice and train referral sources on available HHC products/services.

    • Assist in insurance coverage decisions.

    Conducting inservices l.jpg
    Conducting Inservices

    • Educate and inform first, then sell

    • Demonstrate how to care for patients at home

    • Bring food or imprinted give-aways

    Sales contact record l.jpg
    Sales Contact Record

    • Maintain records of every contact, call and visit to maintain continuity.

    • Use automated programs such as Goldmine or Act.

    • For manual records, chart date of call/visit, contact person, product/ service discussed, requested action, date of follow-up and action taken.

    Sales contact record top referral name address telephone fax email key contacts titles l.jpg
    Sales Contact Record – TopReferral Name:Address: Telephone:Fax: email:Key Contacts & Titles:

    Case managers discharge planners l.jpg
    Case Managers & Discharge Planners

    • Refer to the sales rep, not the Company

    • Depend upon the person, not the company (value personal relationships)

    • HME salesperson is the Point Person to oversee patient from hospital to home

    • Count on Reliability and Accessibility

      • Know they can have HME waiting at patients home when discharged

      • If not possible, know they can reach HME rep at all times so rep, not them, can resolve any problems

    Case managers discharge planners cont l.jpg

    Overall need:

    Tell us how to better care for patient at home.

    Tell us what new HME is available to better care for patients.

    Tell us what we should recommend to patients for their respective medical conditions.

    Needs at discharge:

    Qualify patient

    Order equipment

    Deliver equipment to home

    Educate patient on equipment usage

    Case Managers & Discharge Planners (cont.)

    Long term care ltc facilities l.jpg
    Long-term Care (LTC) Facilities

    • Nursing homes (SNF’s)

    • Rehab facilities

    • Board-and care facilities

    • Assisted living centers

    • Retirement communities

    Ltc s cont l.jpg
    LTC’s (cont.)

    Questions to ask:

    • Who is Administrator?

    • Who is Supervising Nurse?

    • Is purchasing local, regional or national?

    • Who pays for products?

    • Who is weekend supervisor?

    Ltc s con t l.jpg
    LTC’s (Con’t)

    First visit to Administrator:

    • Write/call repeatedly to get appointment.

    • Be brief

    • Emphasize you are a local company servicing your community.

    • Request approval to return and meet with head of nursing.

    Ltc s con t52 l.jpg
    LTC’s (Con’t)

    Second visit to Dir. of Nursing:

    • Introduce your company, products and services

    • Determine their product/service needs

    • Set up an inservice the following month based upon above

      • Wheelchair seating

      • How to use concentrators

      • COPD mask compliance

    Ltc s ongoing l.jpg
    LTC’s - Ongoing

    • Contact Maintenance Supervisor.

    • Offer to pick-up and and service wheelchairs.

    • Focus on parts, repair, and cleaning.

    • Offer an annual program for preventaive maintenance (similar to auto).

    Visiting nurse associations vna s l.jpg
    Visiting Nurse Associations (VNA’s)

    • Determine sources of revenue, i.e. Medicare, workers comp, private insurance.

    • Make appointment with the supervisor.

    • Find out who currently receives HME referrals and why.

    • Determine primary needs, i.e. closed door pharmacy, enteral feeding, custom fit wheelchairs.

    Vna s cont l.jpg
    VNA’s (cont.)

    • Request permission to attend their monthly meetings. Offer to provide refreshments.

    • Bring a doctor’s bag of professional tools such as stethoscopes, scissors, sphygmomanometers, otoscopes, pen lights, nurses kits.

    • Leave samples for a week with pricing. Request samples from vendors to use. Place your business stickers on every piece.

    Physical occupational therapists pts ots l.jpg
    Physical & Occupational Therapists (PTs/OTs)

    • Demonstrate expertise in a respective area of specialty.

    • Knowledgeable salesperson with familiarity of HME products.

    • Present all options available

    • Offer breadth of product in respective specialized areas.

    • Don’t push products:

      • Become a resource to help determine which products work best for each respective patient

    Hospice l.jpg

    • Standard package: bed, overbed table and beside commode.

    • Oxygen #1 HME service requested.

    • Other top HME: shower benches and wheelchairs.

    Hospice cont l.jpg
    Hospice (cont.)

    • Per diem rate vs. flat fee

    • Three levels patient care: acute, respite and residential.

    • Reliability as key benefit: HME ready to deliver or pick up equipment at moment’s notice