benefits of dtp on society n.
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Benefits of DTP on society PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of DTP on society

Benefits of DTP on society

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Benefits of DTP on society

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  1. N5 Benefits of DTP on society National 5 Miss Airlie Kingspark Secondary

  2. Benefits of DTP to Industries • Text and graphics can be imported electronically from remote locations around the world • The time it takes to produce and publish a document is greatly reduced • Modifications can be made quickly and easily using DTP editing tools • Layouts can be constructed accurately using grids, guidelines, snap, align, scale, rotate and crop functions • Files can be sent electronically using email to the editor or client for approval • Once approved the layout can be sent straight to the publisher for publication • Templates can be made with common feature to reduce design time and cost • DTP can be used to control some forms of computer aided manufacturing equipment used in sign making

  3. Benefits to the graphic designer • Layouts can be made quickly and easily using the grid structure and snap to grid • Images can be edited easily and manipulated: colour, size, cropping and shaping can all be edited creatively. • Visuals can be sent electronically to the client for approval; saves time • The changes that the client wants can be made quickly and easily • Graphic designers can work from home saving travel costs and reducing their carbon footprint • Email can make communication between clients and designers easy

  4. Benefits of modern printing methods • Quantities of paper and ink can be monitored to reduce waste • ‘Green’ printing inks- sustainable, eco friendly inks based on vegetable oils are becoming more common • Re-cycled paper can be used without loss of quality. This reduces environmental impact of paper production. • Publications can be put online to further reduce the use of paper • Modern printing methods are more energy efficient • The printing and publishing industries create many thousands of skilled jobs in Britain.Why is this important?

  5. Recap Questions • How has DTP software reduced the environmental impact on society? Give 2 reasons • What benefits has DTP software brought to • The designers • Society • The client • How has the internet reduced the impact of the publishing industry on society? • With regards to ink and paper, how have the new technologies reduced the impact of the printing companies on society? 2 3 1 2