Transport Pump Systems… Made Simple
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Transport Pump Systems… Made Simple. November 1, 2012. What We Do We encapsulate the most popular pumps into an Engineered pump system, a “Pump System-in-a-Box” Designed for transport pump applications Channel Friendly: Easy to quote, easy to sell, easy to install

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What We Do

  • We encapsulate the most popular pumps into an Engineered pump system, a “Pump System-in-a-Box”

  • Designed for transport pump applications

  • Channel Friendly: Easy to quote, easy to sell, easy to install

  • Driver Friendly: Safe and easy for drivers to operate

What We Do

Insert pump here

Assembled system with pump, installed on truck frame

Pump System-in-a-Box for the Blackmer 3” vane pump

Transport pump systems made simple

Transport Pump Systems… Made Simple

We remove the complexity from specifying, quoting and supplying the correct pump, pump system, fittings and PTO for transport applications

The customer receives a complete pump system that can be installed in a couple of hours without drilling, cutting, welding or painting

How We Do It

  • Complete Engineered systems

    • Modular, interchangeable fittings and brackets that can be combined into multiple configurations

  • Product Configurator

    • By answering a series of questions, a complete configuration can be specified for the customer’s application

  • Complete quotations with all items needed for a customer application

The opportunity

The Opportunity

Traditionally installing a pump on a truck required cutting, welding, painting and custom fabrication, as well as specialized knowledge

Many truck dealerships are not interested nor equipped to custom build and install pump systems, so this revenue and profit margin has been left to riggers and tank shops… that is, until now

Introducing pump systems in a box

IntroducingPump Systems-in-a-Box

The SPS Pump System-in-Box contains all of the brackets, fittings, hardware and installation instructions for a complete base pump system, everything except the pump

The SPS pump system takes the complexity out of specifying, quoting, selling and installing a state-of-the art pump system for transport applications… a ‘Channel Friendly’ approach

Introducing pump systems in a box1

IntroducingPump Systems-in-a-Box

Assemble and install a state-of-the-art pump system on a truck tanker without any welding, painting, custom fabrication or drilling and with no tools other than a pneumatic socket wrench

Install with Chassis GrabbersTM without drilling the truck frame

Customer features and benefits
Customer Features and Benefits

  • Greatly increases Safety – eliminates spills, reduces accidents and injuries

  • Relief valve protection in both directions of flow

  • Driver friendly – Easy to understand and operate

  • Tactile “Feel” of problems before they cause a spill or accident

Customer features and benefits1
Customer Features and Benefits

  • Interchangeable parts – no more custom fabrication. Makes repairs easy

  • Longer pump life with constant rotation speed in a single direction

  • Uses less expensive single direction PTO and single relief valve pump

  • Fully adjustable and easily transferred to new truck with Chassis GrabbersTM

Channel features and benefits
Channel Features and Benefits

  • Increases revenue and gross profit opportunity for both Parts and Service

  • Accurately configure and quote pump systems with ‘Configurator’ tool

  • Significantly reduces installation labor & time – reduces the skill level required

  • A perfect installation, every time

Pump System Product Line

3 inch Vane (Blackmer TXD3E)

240 Gpm

3 inch Gear (Roper 3622)

140 Gpm

4 inch Gear (Roper 3648)

400 Gpm

Optional Fittings and Brackets

  • Enables a wide range of configurations

  • Product Configurator helps to select the correct options


  • Focuses on Customer’s Application

  • Determines the best pump solution

  • Determines pump system, fittings, brackets & options

  • In future – PTO & drive line recommendations

  • Provides complete parts list and drawing of the recommended configuration

  • Supports the quotation process

For additional information
For Additional Information

  • Visit

  • Watch Chassis Grabber video on YouTube,

  • Also viewable on Videos page of website with Windows Media Player

  • Print out and read Safety Pumping Systems Assembly and Installation Instructions from Downloads page of website,