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5 Easy Steps on How to Maintain Home Gym Equipment PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Easy Steps on How to Maintain Home Gym Equipment

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5 Easy Steps on How to Maintain Home Gym Equipment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regularly cleaning and periodical check up to your home exercise equipment are the essential things to do if you want to use them longer. Here are 5 easy steps to maintain your machines.

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5 Easy Steps on How to Maintain Home Gym Equipment

Many people decided to invest in home gym equipment and do workout at home because there are many

advantages they can get from it. They can exercise whenever they are available, they don’t need to wait

in line just to use an equipment. It is also more convenient because they don’t need to commute going to

the gym and wear the proper gym clothes. Plus, they can save money for not paying for a monthly fee.

But, keeping a home gym equipment may sometimes be exhausting. Because you own these machines,

there are no other people to do the cleaning and maintenance other than you. Here are five easy steps

that you need to maintain your home exercise equipment work efficiently:

Step 1: Clean Them After Use

Home gym equipment are exposed to the dusty air and body sweat. If you want your gym equipment to

last longer, then it is recommended to clean them regularly or every after the training session. Just spray

an antiseptic and thoroughly clean it with a cloth. Remember that the antiseptic must not contain alcohol

or a bleaching agent to avoid damaging the rubber parts or the seat pads of your gym equipment. Don’t

just clean it for the sake of saying that you clean it, make sure to clean all the surface and corners of the

machine. Spray and clean your weights, remove all the dirts from the joint and wheels.

Step 2: Use Your Gym Equipment Carefully

Keep in mind that you spend dollars in investing these home exercise equipment. It is a must that you

use them properly. If you are done using the weights, carefully put it in its storage or just put it gently on

the floor, don’t drop it just because you are tired with your intense exercise. Handle your home gym

equipment carefully and treat them as your babies.

Step 3: Lubricate Your Gym Equipment

You can avoid the permanent damage and scratches of your home gym equipment by lubricating all the

parts of your machine regularly. Some parts of your gym equipment may rub each other that can be

resulted to scratches and damages to metal parts. It is necessary to lubricate your equipment so you can

use them and they work properly as you need them. But take note to use only suitable lubricant for your

machines. Know your gym equipment and get the suggested lubricant from this manufacturer. It is better

to spend money in preventing more damages to your machine.

Step 4: Machine Parts Must Be Tightly Connected

Make it a habit to check all the parts of your gym equipment and make sure that all the parts are tightly

connected. If in case there are loose parts, address it quickly and tighten these machine parts. This is

necessary because this issue can cause serious injury to your body while exercising or can damage your


gym equipment. Always check the nuts, screws, and bolts periodically. If there is a loose part, tightened

them accordingly.

Step 5: Consult an Authorized Technician

If you see and discover some internal issues with your machine, it is advisable to seek help from

professional technician. You know if there is a serious problem with your home gym equipment if it gets

noisy and out of control. This may cost you some, but is definitely a better solution than to completely

damage the machine.

You already invested to have your own gym at home. You spent money for these machines, and you must

regularly maintain them to function safely and efficiently. These steps will help you use your equipment

in the long run.