how to refresh your bathroom for under 500 n.
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Revamp Your Bathroom for Under $500 - EzyFix PowerPoint Presentation
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Revamp Your Bathroom for Under $500 - EzyFix

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Revamp Your Bathroom for Under $500 - EzyFix - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EzyFix presents a slideshow giving some top tips on how to upgrade your bathroom on a budget.n

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Revamp Your Bathroom for Under $500 - EzyFix

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when it comes to bathroom renovations it doesn

When it comes to bathroom renovations, it doesn’t take too long for the costs to add up - especially if you’re planning on installing a new shower or shifting your old bathtub. But a bathroom that looks and feels brand new doesn’t necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag.

  • With the holidays coming up, saving money is on everyone’s mind, so here are a few tips and tricks for revamping your bathroom for under $500 and leaving your guests blown away.
do a deep clean

Do a Deep Clean

  • By far the cheapest way to give your bathroom a quick refresh is to buckle down and scrub away. While we’re all accustomed to squirting bleach around the toilet bowl and rubbing away the toothpaste marks left in the sink, there are other areas of your bathroom that will benefit hugely from a small bit of attention.
  • For example - when was the last time you dedicated an afternoon to cleaning your grout? Or scrubbing the tiles at the bottom of the shower? Or getting rid of the water stains on your cupboard doors? Whatever it is, spend some time giving your bathroom a good, deep clean, and when you’re done, it might feel like a whole new room.
keep things smelling fresh

Keep Things Smelling Fresh

  • How do we put this nicely? The bathroom isn’t always the… nicest smelling room in your house. However, this can be solved in an instant with the quick (and cheap!) addition of scented candles or perfume sticks.
  • Not only will these accessories help to give your bathroom a fresher scent, scented candles will be perfect the next time you’re in the mood for a long, relaxing soak in the tub.
upgrade to finer fixtures

Upgrade to Finer Fixtures

  • Even if the rest of your bathroom is spick and span, grubby tapware and shower fittings are quick to dull the shine, and can be the first thing your guests notice when they’re using your facilities. Whether it’s rusting shower taps or a shower head that’s coated in limescale, make the decision to invest in some finer fittings that will restore your bathroom to its former sparkle.
  • At EzyFix, we offer bathroom tap sets to suit a range of bathrooms from classic to contemporary. From bath spouts to showerheads, we’ve got the solution. They’re easy to install yourself, carry a money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty (even when you are the installer), and we deliver Australia-wide.
a fresh lick of paint

A Fresh Lick of Paint

  • Maybe it’s just a few chips here and there, a discoloured patch that’s been bugging you for months on end, or you’ve finally cracked and decided you’re sick of the colour green - whatever it is, the decision to give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint is a great one!
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a brand new tin of paint or you’re busting out the emergency leftovers from when you painted the first time around - it’ll give your bathroom the breath of fresh air that it needs. Remember to cover up any areas that you absolutely don’t want to paint, such as your skirting boards and mirrors, and get cracking!
don t forget the decor

Don’t Forget the Decor

  • Nothing jazzes up a drab bathroom on a low budget quite like the right accessories. Whether you’re making some bigger changes, like a new mirror, new lights, or a new storage unit, or sticking to the smaller details, such as adding a few leafy green plants and matching toothpaste holders and soap dispensers, the decorations are what tie your newly revamped bathroom together.
  • If you’re not quite sure of the style that you want to aim for - have a look on Pinterest! It’s full of DIY ideas that are easy, cheap, or maybe even free, and that will leave you with the bathroom of your dreams. By the time you’re finished, your guests won’t be able to stop asking you where you got that reclaimed wood shelving unit.
  • And if you really want to go the extra mile and you have a few spare dollars in your budget, plan ahead for next winter and invest in a heated towel rack!
and there you have it our top tips for revamping

And there you have it - our top tips for revamping your bathroom on a budget.

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