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Preparing For Earthquake

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Preparing For Earthquake - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An earthquake is a sudden and rapid shake that is experienced by earth caused because of break and shift in the rocks found beneath the surface of earth. Read more.

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An earthquake is a sudden and rapid shake that is experienced by earth caused because of break and

shift in the rocks found beneath the surface of earth. They suddenly attack without any warning and

they can occur anytime of the year, round the clock. When we talk about Portland, there are many

places that are moderate to higher risks of earthquakes and they are located at almost every region of

the country. If you are concerned about risks of earthquake, you must learn how to prepare for it with

proper safety measures and tips.

If you think that you live in an area prone to earthquake, you can contact the local emergency office for

management of any risk that might occur. Portland earthquake preparedness teaches you skills and tips

to remain free from any hazards:

The mobile homes which are not attached to the base remains at risk at the time of earthquake.

Those buildings having foundations that rests on landfill and other unstable soils remains at an

increased risk of getting damaged.

Doorways are not that strong part as any other part of the structure so you don’t need to

depend on them for getting any protection. At the time of earthquake, you can get the

protection under any furniture. It will help you provide the shelter from any objects that may fall

and get you injured.

It is important to take good care of all your important belongings like money, documents,

jewelry at the places having higher risks of earthquake.

Seismic Retrofitting Techniques for Concrete Structures

Seismic Retrofitting Techniques are necessary for the concrete constructions that are susceptible to get

damaged and the failures by the seismic forces. The main aim of this technique is to focus on some

specific process that can enhance the practice for evaluation of seismic susceptibility of the existing

buildings. Portland seismic retrofit is the assortment of different mitigation methods used for

earthquake engineering. It is of extreme significance for preservation of historic monuments, areas that

are prone to severe earthquakes that can harm tall buildings.

Earthquake creates vast destruction not only to money and structures but also to life. Upgradation of

certain existing systems in order to make it more resistant to seismic activity is of great importance.

Retrofitting is a technique that is proven to be a better economic consideration and instantaneous

shelter to the problems and not the replacement of buildings.


Seismic retrofitting is the changes found in existing structures that makes them much more resistant to

the seismic activities and soil failure because of earthquakes. The retrofit techniques are also used for

many other natural hazards like that of tropical cyclones and severe winds.

To make sure about the safety and protection of the structure and employees, it is ensure to reduce the

hazards and losses from any non-structural elements. Significant buildings must be supported whose

services are supposed to be important just after an earthquake takes place.

The aim of retrofitting:

Upgrading the lateral strength of any building

Enhancement in the strength

Improvement in ductility of the structure


Shawn DoHerty is an expert when it comes to earthquake safety issues and loves writing interesting

articles and blogs, helping people in making the right safety choices. He recommends EZSystemsPDX as

the best name to trust for any kind of information related to earthquake preparedness in Portland.