World war i
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World War I. The Great War. What were the Causes of World War One?. What were the Causes of WWI?. Nationalism Imperialism/Colonialism Militarism. What else?. Diplomatic Failures Alliance System. Pre-WWI Alliances. 1882 Triple Alliance 1894 Franco-Russian Alliance 1904 Entente Cordiale

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World war i

World War I

The Great War

What were the causes of wwi
What were the Causes of WWI?

  • Nationalism

  • Imperialism/Colonialism

  • Militarism

What else
What else?

  • Diplomatic Failures

  • Alliance System

Pre wwi alliances
Pre-WWI Alliances

  • 1882 Triple Alliance

  • 1894 Franco-Russian Alliance

  • 1904 Entente Cordiale

  • 1907 Anglo-Russian Entente

Alignment on the eve of war
Alignment on the Eve of War

  • Entente: Britain, France, Russia, US (sort of)

  • Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire

Assassination of archduke franz ferdinand
Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

  • June 28, 1914

  • Heir to Austro-Hungarian throne

  • Killed in Sarajevo by Serbian separatists

  • Austro-Hungarian Empire accuses Serbian government of endorsing the assassination

The july crisis
The July Crisis

  • A-H demands reparations from Serbian government, they refuse

  • A-H declares war

  • Russia sees this as a threat to their influence in the region, declares war on A-H

  • Boom. WWI starts.

Kaiser wilhelm ii
Kaiser Wilhelm II

  • Last German emperor and king of Prussia

  • Aggressively pursued colonial expansion

  • Alienates Britain with naval expansion

  • One of the most hated men in Europe outside of Germany

  • Offered full support to A-H as Serbian crisis intensified

The schlieffen plan
The Schlieffen Plan

  • Germany knew it was going to face a 2-front war

  • Predicted that Russia would be slow to mobilize

  • Planned to defeat France quickly, then turn attention to Russia

  • Basis of German strategy in WWI and WWII

The western front
The Western Front

  • Germany invades Belgium in 1914, forces Britain into the war

  • Constant fighting

  • 8 Million Entente casualties

  • 5.6 Million Central Power casualties

Trench warfare
Trench Warfare

  • The Western Front became an intricate series of trenches

  • Snipers, machine guns, artillery

  • Little protection from the elements

  • Disease

Battle of the marne sept 6 10 1914
Battle of the Marne, Sept. 6-10, 1914 considered a war crimes?

  • High-water mark of German dominance in the W. Front

  • Germans planned to hit the northern flank of the French, push them back, encircle French army and Paris simultaneously

Battle of the marne sept 6 10 19141
Battle of the Marne, Sept. 6-10, 1914 considered a war crimes?

  • France counterattacks, Forcing the Germans to move south of Paris, preventing encirclement

  • Germans become bottle-necked in the Marne River Valley

  • Halting Germany at the Marne was the first major German defeat of the war

Battle of verdun february december 1916
Battle of Verdun, February-December 1916 considered a war crimes?

  • Longest battle of WWI

  • Verdun region held 20 major forts and 40 smaller forts

  • German military realizes that a decisive victory here could be an immediate knock out punch

Beginning of the battle
Beginning of the Battle considered a war crimes?

  • Germany moves in 140,000 soldiers and 1,200 artillery guns that would put down 2.5 million shells on the French

  • French forts weakened  only 30,000 French soldiers in the region at the start

Flamethrowers considered a war crimes?

  • First use of flamethrowers in combat was during the Battle of Verdun

  • Use of flamethrowers in combat is now considered a war crime

Verdun considered a war crimes?

  • Verdun quickly turns into a stalemate

  • The Germans are unable to capture the city

  • 360,000 Germans and 340,000 French are lost during the battle

The somme
The Somme considered a war crimes?

  • Joint British-French attack

  • Entente leaders intend to bleed Germany of resources

  • World War One military strategy essentially assured a stalemate

Somme considered a war crimes?

  • The battles of the Somme and Verdun were the epitome of World War One battles. Enormous troop movements and artillery bombardments that result in stalemates.