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Working in the Expert View (Preview) PowerPoint Presentation
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Working in the Expert View (Preview)

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Working in the Expert View (Preview) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working in the Expert View (Preview). USINGQTP65-STUDENT-01A. Lesson Objectives. In this lesson, you will: Translate the Tree View into the script form of the test Identify QuickTest functions from VBScript operations and functions

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Working in the Expert View (Preview)

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Working in the

Expert View (Preview)


lesson objectives
Lesson Objectives

In this lesson, you will:

  • Translate the Tree View into the script form of the test
  • Identify QuickTest functions from VBScript operations and functions
  • Observe the flexibility of test scripts modified using the Expert View
when to use the expert view and vbscript

Test Requirements

1. Check that the selected airline is the airline listed in the Depart table.

2. Display the result in the test results.


When to Use the Expert View and VBScript

Use the Expert View when test requirements cannot be satisfied from the Tree View.

what s underneath the tree view

Browser object

Page object

"userName" Set "jojo"

WebEdit Object



What’s Underneath the Tree View?

The edit fieldis contained in the pagethat is inside the browser.

test steps in the expert view

Browser("Welcome: Mercury").Page("Welcome: Mercury").WebEdit(“userName").Set "jojo"

Test Steps in the Expert View

Browser object .

Page object .

WebEdit object .



The edit fieldis contained in the page that is inside the browser.

  • Each line of code is fully qualified
  • The Expert View allows more flexibility than the Tree View as it shows all the arguments per object on each line of code
the expert view is editable

Declare variables

Add programming logic

Add QuickTest functions

The Expert View is Editable

Add non-recordable statements to the test:

  • Retrieve information from an object
  • Perform operations on an object
the expert view object model

Unique characteristic to identify an object

An action performed on an object

The Expert View Object Model



Method /



An object can set a property or perform a function.

Dialog("Login").WinEdit("Agent Name:").Set "jojo"Dialog("Login").WinEdit("Password:").SetSecure "3e149bbfd87db5058f903d"Dialog("Login").WinButton("OK").ClickWindow("Flight Reservation").Close

the data table in the expert view
The Data Table in the Expert View
  • Data Table
  • Sheet
  • Parameter/Column

Data table



important utility functions





The object used to send information to the Test Results


Instructs QuickTest to pause between these two steps (in seconds)



Reporter.ReportEvent micGeneral, "Calculated Date","The date calculated was: "&NewDate

Important Utility Functions
  • Enable you to control test run and send messages to the test results file
  • Not associated with any object
using programming functions and logic
Using Programming Functions and Logic

Add VBScript to the test to perform the following actions:

  • Variable declarations
  • Date functions
  • Decision-making and loop conditions
  • Calculations
quicktest for scripting process
Analyze the test requirements.

What do I need to test?

What are the objects I need to investigate?

What QuickTest methods or properties can I use to handle the objects (import data, iterate the test, report the results)?

What programming conventions will best meet the requirement (loop, a conditional statement, a counter)?

What variables do I need to define?

Write the code to meet test requirements.

Adhere to VBScript syntax and programming conventions.

Use comments to add documentation in the script.

Use the online QuickTest and VBScript references to help you with functions and syntax.

QuickTest for Scripting Process