s 271 law enforcement helicoper crewmember n.
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S-271 Law Enforcement Helicoper Crewmember PowerPoint Presentation
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S-271 Law Enforcement Helicoper Crewmember

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S-271 Law Enforcement Helicoper Crewmember - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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S-271 Law Enforcement Helicoper Crewmember
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  1. S-271 Law Enforcement Helicoper Crewmember Unit 0 Introduction

  2. Unit 0 - Objectives Unit 0 Introduction Introduce the course coordinator, instructor, and students. Review and discuss course logistics. Present and go over the course overview. Review and discuss instructor and student course expectations. Identify the course references and essential materials. Review and discuss the position responsibilities.

  3. Introductions Unit 0 Introduction Name and job title Agency, home unit Law Enforcement / Aviation Experience Experience relative to the position as either a trainee, or a trainer/coach; both positive and negative.

  4. Course Logistics Unit 0 Introduction Message and telephone location Cell phone policy Facilities: restrooms, vending, evacuation policy, etc. Local information Computer use Punctuality, meals, and breaks Other concerns

  5. Course Objective Unit 0 Introduction Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate proficiency in all identified areas of helicopter use to safely achieve efficiency and standardization.

  6. Instructional Methods Unit 0 Introduction Facilitation/short lectures with PowerPoint. Discussions Exercises Hands-on

  7. Student Assessment/Evaluation Unit 0 Introduction To successfully complete the course, students must: Participate in all classroom discussions, exercises, and scenarios. Complete all quizzes. Achieve 70% or higher on the final assessment/scenario.

  8. Course Evaluation Form Unit 0 Introduction Student are given the opportunity to comment on the course and the quality of the instruction.

  9. Student Expectations Unit 0 Introduction EXERCISE: Expectations Instructions: In your groups, answer the following question and record it on a flip chart What do you expect to gain from this course? 2. When finished, present your expectations to the class.

  10. Instructor Expectations Unit 0 Introduction Students will: Have an interest in becoming a Law Enforcement Helicopter Crewmember. Exhibit mutual cooperation with the group. Be open-minded to accomplishments during the course presentation. Participate actively in all of the training exercises presented in the course.

  11. Instructor Expectations Unit 0 Introduction Students will: Return to class at stated times. Use what is presented in the course to effectively perform the duties of a LE helicopter crewmember. Not leave the course with any unanswered questions.

  12. Reference Materials Unit 0 Introduction Incident Response Pocket Guide, PMS 461 Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide (IHOG), NFES 1885. Interagency Aviation Transport of Hazardous Materials, NFES 1068 Law Enforcement Short Haul policy (LEASH)

  13. Helicopter Crewmember Unit 0 Introduction The Helicopter Crewmember in the Incident Command System The LE helicopter crewmember is a designated member of an Law Enforcement organization. The LE helicopter crewmember is supervised by the Aircraft Manager.

  14. Position Task Book Unit 0 Introduction Common tasks and additional specific tasks for the LE helicopter crewmember . Tool for observing and evaluating performance. Must complete the tasking in the PTB to become qualified as a LE helicopter crewmember . The PTB will be initiated at the beginning of this course.

  15. LE helicopter crewmember Duties Unit 0 Introduction The LE helicopter crewmember for both Law Enforcement and Resource Missions –serves as a trained member of a helicopter crew, assisting the Manager in the performance and completion of helicopter missions.

  16. Questions? Unit 0 Introduction