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final essay rewrite n.
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Final Essay Rewrite PowerPoint Presentation
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Final Essay Rewrite

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Final Essay Rewrite
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Final Essay Rewrite

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  1. Final Essay Rewrite • Circle every word that begins a sentence and every period or ending punctuation. • Draw an arrow for every paragraph in which you did not indent, this includes the paragraphs you missed-look at your large paragraphs and break them up when you change topic.

  2. Thesis and Intro • Underline your thesis sentence • Circle the words that show that you directly responded to the prompt • If you didn’t respond to the prompt, write the words or phrases you missed in that thesis • Is your introduction a minimum of 3-5 sentences? If not, write NO in the margin

  3. Thesis introduction Continued • Does your introduction specifically state the direction you are taking the essay, or is it wishy washy saying things like “good and bad,” “positive and negative,” etc. • On a separate piece of paper, rewrite it, and be clear as to your purpose!

  4. Body of the Paper • Highlight your first CD or example from the text it might be a quote • Underline twice the intro to this CD, and your CM which should explain it . • Look back at the prompt…does your example (CD) support this? • Write yes or no in the margin

  5. Continued • Continue this process for the rest of the paper • This may take all period

  6. Conclusion • If you have a conclusion, is it 3-5 sentences? Write yes or no in the margin. • Does it repeat almost word for word your introduction-because it shouldn’t! • Do you sum up your evidence? You should!

  7. Next part of your assignment…Most of the essays we read were Your AssignmentMany of the essays we read are not the quality we would expect from a Jr. in high school. Your task is to look at the rubric and use it as though the grading teacher is giving you advice on writing. Your goal is to achieve a 6 in every category.Begin rewriting your essay, type it, and turn in all copies to me. Misspelled words, lack of indentation and other frivolous mistakes that show a lack of enthusiasm or effort will be handed back for another redo, at a 15%loss of credit each time. Take pride in your work the first time you do it.