valorisation center at aleppo university n.
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Valorisation Center at Aleppo University

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Valorisation Center at Aleppo University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Valorisation Center at Aleppo University. Valorisation Center Activities:

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valorisation center at aleppo university

Valorisation Center at Aleppo University

Valorisation Center Activities:

1- Keep in touch with the industry chamber at Aleppo by meeting the president of the chamber in order to know how many companies around Aleppo City like to collaborate with the university. We will ask for an expert person to represent the chamber at valorisation chamber.

2- Dissemination:
  • 2-1 We will perform a workshop at the Aleppo University to disseminate the objectives of the valorisation center.
  • The attendances will be from the industry, research center, and all deans of the faculties in the presence of the president and vice president of Aleppo University. The main axis of this work shop will be as follows:
  • - The industry needs from Universities.
  • - The role of the higher education in the developing the relationship between industry and university.
  • The binding tools.
  • The sustainability in the developing the cooperation with industry.
2-2 Web site constitution belong to valorisation center:
  • 3- Valorisation representetive in the faculties:
  • In order to contacts with professors who are interested in the collaboration with industry.
  • Tell them about the IP and grant from the university and companies.
4- Technology incubator at Aleppo industrial City:
  • The university of Aleppo offered space of 10000 square meters to held the incubator. The director of the incubator is one of our working teem in the center. We have construction plan for the

incubator and I think I will tell the director to make change in the plan according to the ideas got from Delft university incubator.

5- Collaboration with European University :
  • Msc, and PhD students will perform industrial researches in collaboration with European University. They will do a part of their research in the European University.
  • Ask for grant from Tempus for getting equipments and industrial research needs.
  • Ask professor from Europe to visit our valorisation center to give an advices and expiriences.