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World Cities PowerPoint Tutorial

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World Cities PowerPoint Tutorial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World Cities PowerPoint Tutorial. Mrs. Bushman. Choose Your Path. Take Flight In iMovie. Movies in PowerPoint. Action Buttons. Lights, Camera, Action. Start with your iMovie sequences that will “fly” you to your cities. Open iMovie. Add To Your Library.

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choose your path
Choose Your Path

Take Flight In iMovie

Movies in PowerPoint

Action Buttons

lights camera action
Lights, Camera, Action
  • Start with your iMovie sequences that will “fly” you to your cities.
  • Open iMovie.
add to your library
Add To Your Library.

Click the + on the bottom right corner to add a new project.

Make sure you are

In the Project Library.

give it a name
Give It A Name.
  • Name the project according to the name of the city you will be flying to. In this example, we will be flying to London, England in the continent of Europe.
the world at a click
The World At A Click.
  • Click on the Maps icon on the middle right side of the iMovie screen. This will open a window to display different types of maps to use for the flight.
  • Click and hold on one and drag it to the empty project window.
the inspector has arrived
The Inspector Has Arrived.
  • A window called the Inspector opens, giving the information for the video clip.
  • For this one, you need to select the Start Location and End Location.
fill in the blank
Fill In The Blank.
  • Type in the name of the city at the top, then choose which one applies.
  • Remember, there may be more than one city by the same name, be sure to check the state or country you are looking for.
try it out
Try It Out.
  • Click the play button on the bottom left corner of the preview box to view the flyover.

Use this button to view in full screen mode.

Use this button to view in the small screen on the top right corner.

share the love
Share The Love
  • Once you have the video to how you want it, share it to QuickTime.
save it
Save It
  • When exporting, save it to the Desktop, or a folder you have created for this project.
open me
Open Me.
  • Open up your PowerPoint project.
it s a setup
It’s A Setup.
  • Select the slide before where you want the movie to show.
  • Click on the Slide Layouts tab just below the toolbars.
  • Click Insert New Slide on the left part of the row for the Slide Layouts.
  • Click on the empty layout.
plug it in
Plug It In.
  • Go up to your toolbar and click on the triangle next to Media. Click on Insert Movie.
  • Go to where the movie is located and click Insert.
  • When the prompt asks how do you want the movie to start, click Automatically.
let s see some action on this
Let’s See Some Action On This.
  • On the Formatting Palette, click on the Object tab to open the Object Palette. Change the drop down menu to Action Buttons.
know how to act
Know how to act.
  • Which action button do you need?
  • Home takes you to the 1st slide.
  • Back will take you to the last slide viewed (you will need to manually set it up if you want to go “back” to a specific slide).
  • Custom allows you to choose where you want it to take you.
hyperlink it
Hyperlink it!
  • When you click on an action button, your cursor turns square and you are then expected to click and drag on the slide to create the button.
  • Once you have done this, a box pops up.
  • Select Hyperlink to:
  • Select which slide you want the button to take you to. If you want to customize it even more, select Slide on the drop down menu.
check out the titles
Check out the titles.
  • If you select Slide, this box will appear asking you to select which slide you want the button to take you to.
  • Click once on each slide and you will get a little preview of the slide appearance.
  • The titles to the slides are from the title bars of the slides themselves. Giving titles to the slides will make this process easier and faster.
format the button
Format the button.
  • Once you’ve created your button, depending on what type of button it is, you can change the appearance of the button itself.
  • Control-click on the button and a on the menu select Format Shape.
line it up
Line it up.
  • You can change the color and style of the outline of the button (the line surrounding the button). For some images, it might look best to have no line at all.
picture it
Picture it.
  • Click on Fill in the box on the left side.
  • Select the Picture tab across the top.
  • Click on Choose a Picture and locate an image you have selected for this button.
  • Click OK. You have finished the button.