Bridging partners regions a nd concepts
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Bridging Partners, Regions a nd Concepts … - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bridging Partners, Regions a nd Concepts …. Regional Environmental Center For Central and Eastern Europe.

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Bridging partners regions a nd concepts

Bridging Partners, Regions and Concepts…

Regional Environmental Center

For Central and Eastern Europe

Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)is international environmental organization, established in 1990 with the support by EC, US and 30 European countries;- Activities in 17 countries- Broad thematic scope, including Biodiversity and Water management- Interdisciplinary approach - REC – Bulgaria was established in 1993 as independent locally registered NGO -Specific advantage:networks and regional projects- Observer and active partner in ICPDR- Partner inDABLAS и ENVSEC

Experience relevant to Programme (REC)BG02 Integrated Marine and Inland Water Management


Study of the hydropower potential in BG-RS cross-border region, focused on alternative technologies for small HPP; Identification of appropriate and non-appropriate river sections.

Study on the potential environmental impacts in compliance with the WFD 2000/60/EC requirements (in relation to the biological and hydromorphological Qes);

Recommendations for Mitigation measures;

Experience relevant to Programme (REC)BG02 Integrated Marine and

Inland Water Management

• CarpathCC

- Assessment of the vulnerability of the Carpathian region to climate change and establish a diversified portfolio of sustainable adaptation measures;

- Assess the potential impacts of climate change on the implementation of the WFD 2000/60/EEC;

- Identification of most vulnerable river basins

- Assessment of the CC impacts on the natural ecosystems and their services;

- Recommendations for the adaptation to be integrated in RBMPs 2021 and 2027

- Recommendations for adaptations in sectors

Experience relevant to Programme (REC)BG03 “Biodiversity and

Ecosystem services”

• Education for Natura 2000

Financed by EEA (2009 -2011)

Development and implementation of specialized educational programme; циализирана образователна програма;

Public debate and development of Communication concept for Natura 2000, including focus on sustainable uses;

Best practices analysis and communication with stakeholders

Our interests (REC):

BG02 Integrated Marine and Inland Water Management

- Development of a methodology for classification of river sections as eligibility for the construction of HPP with different capacities (small and medium) in accordance with WFD requirements, application of ICPDR Guidance and testing in a pilot area

BG03 Biodiversity and Ecosystem services

Invasive and alien species

-Partnerships with research centers and universities

- Concepts for educational and capacity-building activities

- Experience in networking projects

- Opportunities for multiplication at regional level

Ecosystem services

- Identification, mapping and valuation of the services from various ecosystem classes – application of methodologies applied in European countries, where REC is active. Networking and mobilizing experience.

Contacts (REC):

REC - Bulgaria

7 Paris str. Sofia 1000

Phone/fax: 02 983 5217

[email protected];