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WELCOME. Leona Heights Sulfur Mine & Creek Cleanup. Lindsay Whalin, MS, PG. Darin Ranelletti. Leona Heights Sulfur Mine & Creek Cleanup. Project purpose & Design. Lindsay Whalin, MS, PG San Francisco Bay Water Board. Presentation Outline. 1. Lindsay. 2. Phil. 3. Darin.

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Leona Heights Sulfur Mine & Creek Cleanup

Lindsay Whalin, MS, PG

Darin Ranelletti

leona heights sulfur mine creek cleanup

Leona Heights Sulfur Mine & Creek Cleanup

Project purpose & Design

Lindsay Whalin, MS, PG

San Francisco Bay Water Board

presentation outline
Presentation Outline

1. Lindsay

2. Phil

3. Darin

  • Purpose of Cleanup
  • Project Goals
  • Current Design
  • Construction Management
    • Project Duration
    • Construction days/hours
    • Road use/ Traffic
    • Noise control
    • Dust control
    • Access route
    • Staging areas
  • City Permits
  • Environmental Review
  • Timeline
  • Next Steps





Mining Waste



the problem
The Problem

: Acid Mine Drainage

the problem1
The Problem

: It’s Toxic to Wildlife

Leona Creek:

Not just ugly…






10 to 10,000 x levels toxic to wildlife

(no pathway to humans)

the goals actions actors
The Goals, Actions, & Actors

Agencies Involved

Project Goals

  • Cleanup mine site, eliminate acid mine drainage
  • Cleanup Leona Creek
  • Minimize impacts
    • Disturbance of neighbors (dust, noise, traffic)
    • Tree removal
    • Wildlife
  • Water Board
    • Required and oversees cleanup, design, stream habitat protection
  • City of Oakland
    • Permits & environmental review (CEQA)
  • US Army Corps Engineers
    • Stream protection
  • Ca Dept. Fish &Wildlife
    • Endangered species & stream protection
current condition
Current Condition

Mining Waste

Natural Hillside


The Solution: Isolate Mining Waste

Mining Waste

Natural Hillside

the results
The Results

: Green, Stable Hillsides



Run-on Prevention Channel

Images courtesy of LSA Associates and Andrew McNichol

the results expanded cul de sac on mcdonell
The Results: : Expanded Cul-de-sac on McDonell



Run-on Prevention Channels

Images courtesy of LSA Associates and Andrew McNichol

the results green stable hillsides
The Results: Green, Stable Hillsides



Images courtesy of LSA Associates and Andrew McNichol

the results1
The Results

:Clean, Stable Creek



Skelly and Loy Inc.

leona heights sulfur mine creek cleanup3

Leona Heights Sulfur Mine & Creek Cleanup


Construction Management

Phil Goalwin, PG

E2C Remediation

construction management
Construction Management


  • Staging Areas
  • Access Route
  • Logistics of Using McDonell Ave
  • Dust Control
  • Noise Control
  • Construction Days/Hours
  • Project Duration
staging areas
Staging Areas
  • Primary Staging Area
    • McDonell Cul-De-Sac and Site Entrance
  • Materials Staging Area
    • Leona Lodge Overflow Parking Lot
access route
Access Route
  • McDonell Ave. vs. Fire Road
    • Why not Fire Road?
        • Segments with Steep grades (up to 15%)
        • 180 degree Switchbacks
        • Appr0ximately 3.0 miles roundtrip
        • Shuts down trail for 5 months
        • Larger air emissions
        • Habitat for Alameda whip snake
        • Biological mitigation/Vernal Pools
        • Only emergency access
        • Need improvements to use
        • Still need to cross and use McDonell Ave
access route1
Access Route
  • McDonell Ave. vs. Fire Road
    • Why McDonell Ave?
        • Right at the primary staging area
        • Appr0ximately 0.6 miles from materials staging area
        • Paved road with gentle slope
        • Less air emissions
        • No biological mitigation
        • Do not need improvements to use
        • Reduced environmental impacts
mcdonell use logistics
McDonell Use Logistics
  • 5 Materials Staging Events
  • Each Event lasts 5 days (Monday~Friday)
  • Flagmen with radios to implement traffic control
  • Small Haul Trucks (with payload <10 tons)
  • Truck speeds to be kept under 10 mph
  • Residents will be given priority to truck traffic
dust control
Dust Control
  • Limited water spray to soils graded, excavated, truck loaded., etc.
    • Amount to control dust, but not cause runoff
  • Cover soil stockpiles with weighted plastic sheeting
  • Vehicles <5mph
  • Minimize material drop heights during unloading
noise control
Noise Control
  • Smaller Equipment
  • Noise Reduction Blankets on Perimeter Fence
  • Noise Reduction Blankets on Temporary Fence
  • No Construction Work at night, on weekends or holidays
construction days hours
Construction Days/Hours
  • Weekdays only (Monday-Friday)
  • Working Hours - In Accordance With City Of Oakland Conditions Of Approval
  • No Holidays
project duration
Project Duration
  • Construction Start
    • Early to Mid May 2014
  • Construction Completion
    • September 30, 2014
leona heights sulfur mine creek cleanup4

Leona Heights Sulfur Mine & Creek Cleanup



Darin Ranelletti, Planner

City of Oakland

city of oakland permits
City of Oakland Permits
  • Creek Permit
    • For clean-up work in creek
  • Tree Removal Permit
    • To remove and replace trees impacted by project
  • Grading Permit
    • To ensure stable slopes
  • Street Permit
    • For work in McDonall Avenue cul-de-sac
environmental review ceqa
Environmental Review (CEQA)
  • Aesthetics
  • Air Quality
  • Biological
  • Cultural
  • Geology
  • Hydrology
  • Noise
  • Traffic

Environmental analysis to include topics such as:

CEQA document = Mitigate Negative Declaration

  • All impacts reduced to less-than-significant levels
  • Nov 2013: Permit applications submitted to City
  • Feb 2014: Community meeting
  • Mar 2014: Public notices sent out
    • Starts official 30-day public review period
  • May 2014: Permits issued
  • May 2014: Project starts
  • Sept 2014: Project complete
next steps
Next Steps
  • Public notices sent out (March)
  • Environmental document available on City’s website and in City offices
  • 30-day public review period
  • Permits issued
thank you
Thank you

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