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Versa IMAGE Software Corporation 7600 Grand River Rd. Ste. 230 Brighton, MI 48114 PowerPoint Presentation
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Versa IMAGE Software Corporation 7600 Grand River Rd. Ste. 230 Brighton, MI 48114

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Versa IMAGE Software Corporation 7600 Grand River Rd. Ste. 230 Brighton, MI 48114
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Versa IMAGE Software Corporation 7600 Grand River Rd. Ste. 230 Brighton, MI 48114

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  1. VersaIMAGE Software Corporation 7600 Grand River Rd. Ste. 230 Brighton, MI 48114 Tel: (810) 225-9720 Fax: (810) 225-9726 for Support press: 1#, Sales 2#

  2. Are you up to date... on HYBRID imaging? ASK us! VersaIMAGETM • Digital Image Management with paper and microfilm scanner drivers integrated with full Microfilm retrieval management* - Microfilm Scanner Automation Software VersaCARTM - 32 bit Microfilm CAR Software* *Microsoft WindowsTM 95, 98, ME / NT / Win 2000, XP Software

  3. The VersaIMAGE Hybrid Imaging Process: • A true hybrid customer environment consists of paper, microfilm, image and computer data files. VersaIMAGE is positioned to manage all such files simultaneously. For example, just because a scanner is chosen for a new paper application, an existing microfilm application may still be viable for years to come! Especially today, automated microfilm retrieval systems are an excellent choice for many image files once they have “out-lived” their high reference cycle (in many cases six months to one year). High costs, including maintenance, keep digital storage devices in areas of high repeat retrieval activity. The recent introduction of digital microfilm “writers” allow for digital data to be off-loaded to microfilm at any time in the life cycle of a document image. Microfilm now complements digital storage extremely well! • FEATURES: Paper Scanners from various manufacturers may be intermixed within VersaIMAGE to allow image conversion of all types of documents. Even though scanners are used to replace microfilm cameras, some late model paper scanners feature a microfilm module that provides simultaneous full archival backup microfilm. • Microfilm Scanners from various manufacturers may also be intermixed within VersaIMAGE as required. On demand Microfilm Scanners may be used to replace older style analog reader printers. VersaIMAGE contains automated microfilm reader and reader printer drivers allowing unattended roll film sequence scanning and/or printing. Automatic image foldering for file blips, generates complete image files from microfilm. Fax and E-Mail directly from Microfilm including CD pre-mastering with flexible import and export modules are standard features in VersaIMAGE. • Microfilm Cameras, Readers and Reader Printers from various manufacturers may also be intermixed within VersaIMAGE as well. VersaIMAGE is the only CAR system in the field that allows automated retrieval systems from various microfilm vendors to coexist on the same Microsoft Access database! • Image indexing is the most vital part of any imaging system! In VersaIMAGE indexing may be accomplished via: • Key entry from the Paper Documents. • Key entry from microfilm rolls and microfiche. • Key entry from scanned images. • OCR from pre-determined OCR zones within images. • Software Bar Code recognition from predetermined zones within images. • Look-up Append, which may be used with all above indexing features. Look-up Append automatically matches the key field with previously imported (external) data and adds all other data fields automatically. Utilizing Bar Codes and/or OCR with Look-up append virtually eliminates manual key entry in many applications! • VersaIMAGE allows digital information to be written to popular NEW archival microfilm back-up systems! • (Optical disks and drives become obsolete rapidly. Microfilm from 100 years ago can still be read in today’s viewers!) • VSC0397

  4. THE ADVANTAGES OF HYBRID IMAGING: 1. “Old” Film Technology is merged with “new” Digital Technology in the same Database. 2. Digital images will be retrieved immediately, Film retrievals are scanned and stored before images are distributed. - Film to Digital conversions are made during normal use or “on the fly”. - Scanned Images are a by-product of microfilm use for print and fax. - Repeat Film retrievals of the same images are eliminated, because they will be retrieved from the digital image database first. - Digital Images are backed up by Microfilm and carry their film location address as the TIFF Image address (00451234.TIF = Roll 45 Frame 1234). 3. When desired, entire Film rolls may be converted automatically to Digital form with VersaIMAGE’S Auto-Roll Scan feature. 4. CD mastering software in VersaIMAGE allows easy transfer of images to various CD recording Systems.

  5. The ABC’s of HYBRID IMAGING A.Replace your currently used microfilm CAR Software with VersaCAR for Windows! - VersaCAR drives all microfilm Readers and most Cameras! - VersaCAR uses the Microsoft Access Database! B.Add a Paper Scanner for new applications - move up to VersaIMAGE! C.Replace your Microfilm Reader/Printer with a Film Scanner and get a free scan every time you print, fax or E-Mail! D.SCAN Images from Paper and Film into the same Digital File Folder for fax, E-Mail or CD distribution!

  6. INTRODUCTION: • VersaIMAGETM -Expanded to include paper scanners and full paper input image management- -- Expanded to include microfilm scanners and digital image management from microfilm - • VersaVIEWTM A Workstation Viewer to be used with VersaIMAGE files. • VersaCARTM for Windows Intuitive (analog) Microfilm CAR managementsoftware • VersaSCANTM:Bar Code Camera Input System

  7. General VersaCAR/IMAGE BENEFITS: • HYBRID input from Microfilm and Paper Scanners! • BEST COST PERFORMANCE • The “building block” approach insures very little operator training between low cost expansion modules • Replace old CAR systems with “state of the art” Windows CAR and IMAGE upgrade capability! • Extremely easy to learn and use, requires little sales training • Full networkorstand alone CD use • TWAIN and ISIScompatibility allows easy interface to many other scanning devices • Customizing available

  8. VersaIMAGE CAR / IMAGE PRODUCTS: A.MICROFILM RETRIEVAL • VersaCAR for Windows • Intuitive 32 bit Microfilm CAR management software • Can be upgraded to VersaIMAGE anytime! • Optional CAMERA INDEXING SYSTEMS: • VersaSCAN BAR CODE INPUT SYSTEMS • Unique Bar Code Input Systems for most popular Cameras

  9. VersaCAR for Windows Feature / Benefits • Microsoft ACCESS based (or Sequel Server/NT) • Easy Data IMPORT and EXPORT modules • Unlimited powerful APPLICATION generator • Network software with REQUEST QUEUE management • Contains all popular Microfilm retrieval device drivers • Microfilm camera device drivers available • 85 character RECORD length per field • Standard version contains 20 searchable FIELDS • Master / Reference database version has 20 + 20 fields • Operator selectable HITLIST sort sequences for retrievals • Operator selectable Index Field sequencing • “Starts With”, “Contains” and “Range” SEARCH • Five level SECURITY PASSWORD protected • Check digit verification (Mod 10) • Key Entry and Quality Control Module

  10. VersaCAR for Windows Feature / Benefits • VersaSCAN Bar Code Camera Input Systems • Automates the Microfilm Image Indexing/Capture process with Bar Code recognition on documents • Multiple modes allow Bar Codes on each document, folder and/or batch document • Fully integrated with most CANON, MINOLTA, ALOS and KODAK cameras • Special Service Bureau DAR 2800 / Alos 42 fully automatic filming/indexing module (VersaSCAN II) • Moves index information directly into VersaCAR/IMAGE Database • Keyboard Wedge or RS-232C Scanner input (BlipChip Product)

  11. VersaCAR / VersaIMAGEPRODUCTS: B. Electronic Imaging with optional Microfilm Management • VersaIMAGEFor TWAIN & ISIS compatible Paper and Microfilm Scanners (combines VersaCAR features with Imaging!) • Image VIEW and Indexing Software Accessories: • VersaView Network or Stand alone • Index and Images on CD • VersaView-CD contains low cost viewer Software with data and images!

  12. VersaIMAGEFeature / Benefits • Includes all VersaCAR for Windows features • May be used withorwithout Microfilm: • Contains IMAGE Input module for TWAIN & ISIS compatible PAPER SCANNERS AND (optional) MICROFILM SCANNERS • Extensive, easy to use DATA and IMAGE IMPORT module. • Single or Batch process scanning modes • Handles Single or Multi-Image TIFF Images • Easy IMAGE to DATA APPEND module • Expanded Quality Control, IMAGE Edit and RE-SCAN management • Allows for post-indexing of images within folders and thumbnail display feature (Not available with Multi Image TIFF) • Recognizes FILE SEPARATOR cards for automatic file folder generation

  13. VersaIMAGEFeature / Benefits • Easy to use IMAGE EDIT features • Crop, Zoom, Rotate, De-skew & Character enhancement • Multiple Data Entry/indexing modes • ( from IMAGE Zoom Zones, from imported images via look-up append, index from bar codes, etc.) • Optional BAR CODE recognition from multiple Image zones • Optional OCR recognition from multiple Image zones • Single and multiple thumbnail IMAGE DISPLAY • SINGLE and MULTIPLE IMAGE scan modes • Single TIFF images with Folders • Multiple Image TIFF capability • Database fully compatible with VersaCAR for Windows

  14. VersaIMAGEFeature / Benefits MICROFILM - Page 1 • FAX / E- Mail directly from Microfilm • Appends ELECTRONIC IMAGE addresses to Microfilm Roll / Frame Record • Searches/Displays ELECTRONIC IMAGES first if they are available in the database • Searches for microfilm “back-up” images automatically via most Automated Retrieval Systems • Contains REQUEST QUEUE management • Print hitlist, image and print requests

  15. VersaIMAGEFeature / Benefits MICROFILM - Page 2 • Unique fully AUTOMATIC ROLL FILM - SCAN MODE: • Requires built in or optional automated microfilm controller for blipped or unblipped microfilm • Controls TWAIN/ISIS compatible Microfilm Scanners • Handles custom interfaced (Fuji M-Drive) and other film scanners. • Contains INTERVAL QC - PRINT Module • Automatically creates electronic file folders for multi-level blipped microfilm and matches index data to blips! • Features “From - To” range scan and/or print mode. • Combines front & back image onto one print!

  16. VersaIMAGEIMAGE APPEND Feature Import IMAGES from: • Paper Scanners & Microfilm Scanners • Other Imaging Systems Matches key field with Data imported from: • Mainframes & Minicomputers • PC’s • Other data carriers, floppies, tapes, etc. Append images to all data automatically!

  17. Thank you for your interest! VersaIMAGE Software Corp. 7600 Grand River Rd. Ste. 230 Brighton, MI 48114 Tel: (810) 225-9720 Fax: (810) 225-9726 for Support press: 1#, Sales 2#