the heating bathing suit challenge 3 n.
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The Heating Bathing Suit Challenge #3 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Heating Bathing Suit Challenge #3

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The Heating Bathing Suit Challenge #3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Heating Bathing Suit Challenge #3

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  1. The Heating Bathing SuitChallenge #3 Anderson D 10 Mississippi

  2. Describe the problem you want to solve. We can’t swim in the cold weather or in the winter because the water is too cold. So, with my invention, the heating bathing suit, you can swim in the cold water.

  3. Possible solutions to the problem of not being able to swim when the weather is cold: 1.You could not swim at all. 2. You could go in a hot tub. 3. You can swim in an indoor pool. 4. You could have a swim suit that is heated.

  4. Draw pictures and diagrams to show your invention and how it might work.

  5. Build your prototype. Write down each step so that you will remember exactly how you built your model. First you need a swim shirt and swim shorts. Next you need a hot glue gun or tape. Then you need tubing or heating pads. Finally put everything together.

  6. Perform some experiments to find out how well your prototype works. Write down the results of each test. I created a survey and asked friends what they thought about my invention:

  7. How can you improve your prototype? I could make it work better by getting heating pads instead of tubes on the bathing suit. And I could add more detail to my prototype.

  8. Give your invention a name and explain why people should buy it. The Heating Bathing Suit “You should buy The Heating Bathing Suit so you can be warm in the cold water during the winter and you don’t only have to swim in the summer. You can swim all year long!”