east limestone high school 9 th grade orientation class of 2018 n.
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East Limestone High School 9 th Grade Orientation Class of 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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East Limestone High School 9 th Grade Orientation Class of 2018

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East Limestone High School 9 th Grade Orientation Class of 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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East Limestone High School 9 th Grade Orientation Class of 2018
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  1. East Limestone High School9th Grade Orientation Class of 2018 Parent/Student Meeting May 6, 2014

  2. High School Facts / Issues GPA- stands for Grade Point Average. This number determines class rank and is an issue in college admissions and scholarships. GPA is a 4 point scale and is based on a students grade in a class. Advanced courses carry a higher weight because they are more difficult. (Example: A in standard course, 4 points; A in advanced course, 4.5 points.)

  3. Class Ranking The Grade Point Average (GPA) will be used when determining student class rankings. If there is a tie using the GPA, then and only then will the numerical average (carried out to the appropriate number of decimal places) be used in order to break the tie.

  4. High School Facts / Issues Transcript – this is a record of a student’s high school academic career. It includes each course taken and the grade earned in that course. This starts in the 9th grade and continues through graduation. This is the document sent to colleges, scholarship organizations, employers, etc., to verify a student’s high school record.

  5. Graduation Requirements for the Alabama High School Diploma 1) A student must earn 24 Carnegie units (credits). 2) Successful completion of an online experience, through an ACCESS course or by participating in an online experience embedded into courses that fulfill this requirement. (English 10 – 12 and Career Preparedness)

  6. Credits Students must earn 24 credits before graduation. Each full year course counts for one credit. Each semester course counts for ½ credit. Students must pass the course in order to receive the credit. Students who are on the East campus all day may earn 7 credits per year. Students who attend the Career/Technical Center may earn 6 credits per year.

  7. Credits Continued • ELHS all day – 4 years 7 x 4 = 28 credits • Tech Option * ELHS 9th – 7 credits * Tech 3 x 6 = 18 credits * 7 + 8 = 25 credits

  8. The Career Technical Center is available ½ day for student in grades 9-12. Students must pre-register in order to attend the CTC. Only 6 credits can be earned at the CTC which includes any credits earned in History.All students attending the CTC will take the appropriate grade level history course there.

  9. Secondary Promotion Requirements As a 9th grader, a student must have passed all 8th grade requirements. In an effort to encourage student to graduate on time, within a four year period, high school students in grades 9-12 will be placed in a 9th grade homeroom their first year, 10th grade the second year, 11th grade the third year, and 12th grade their fourth year. Students are expected to make reasonable progress by passing courses in logical and sequential order. For a student to be considered a candidate for graduation during the 12th year, they must be able to complete the state required 24 Carnegie Units and all other state and local requirements. Students not meeting all requirements for graduation at the end of the fourth year will be retained in the 12th grade.

  10. Cohort Status We begin a cohort by selecting all first time ninth grade students and then tracking those students as they move through the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades and adding any students who transfer into the cohort and removing any students who transfer out. The fact that a student is retained at any point does not change their cohort.

  11. In January 2013 the Alabama State Department of Education approved the one diploma option, the ALABAMA HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA for all students beginning with the ninth-grade class of 2013 – 2014. There are no state endorsements to this diploma. For these students this diploma option replaces all variations of the prior diploma. The purpose for this change is to allow more flexibility for students to address their individual interest and plans for college and career.

  12. ALABAMA HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA This one approach to the Alabama High School Diploma removes the need for endorsements or the Alabama Occupational Diploma. The focus will be on the coursework taken that necessitates a clearly articulated and individualized four-year high school plan built for each student based on the results from the EXPLORE academic and career interest assessment and middle school coursework.

  13. Limestone County Honors SealBeginning with the 2013-2014 Ninth Grade Class(Class of 2017 and Beyond) The Limestone County Schools Honor Seal was created to recognize those students willing to challenge themselves by enrolling in more rigorous coursework. To earn this seal affixed to the Alabama High School Diploma, a student must successfully complete all state requirements and the following additional requirements: • Complete a minimum of 12 Advanced/AP/Dual Enrollment Courses • Graduate with a minimum weighted grade average of 3.5

  14. Required Courses

  15. 9th Grade Courses - English • English 9 • Advanced English *Any student may take either course; advanced course requires teacher approval *GPA on Advanced English will be weighted.

  16. 9th Grade Courses - Math • Algebra IA • Algebra IB (for students who took IA in 8th grade) • Algebra I • Advanced Geometry –(must have passed Algebra I in 8th grade) * GPA is weighted for Algebra I and Adv. Geometry

  17. COURSE PROGRESSION IN GRADES 9-12 Algebra I (Algebra IA and Algebra IB) Geometry (Advanced or Standard) Algebraic Connections Algebra II* (terminal course) Algebra II With Trigonometry Precalculus Analytical Mathematics AP Calculus *Algebra II, Algebra II with Trigonometry, or an ALSDE-approved substitute is required for all students pursuing the Alabama High School Diploma. 2013 Alabama Course of Study: Mathematics

  18. 9th Grade Courses – Science • Biology • Advanced Biology (teacher approval) • Students may take either course (Teacher approval) • GPA for Advanced Biology will be weighted

  19. 9th Grade Courses – Social Studies • 9th Grade World History • Adv. 9th World History – (teacher approval) • Any student on either diploma may take either course (Teacher approval) • GPA for Advanced 9th Grade World History will be weighted.

  20. 9th Grade – Electives • **Health –½ credit • **Career Preparedness – 1 credit • **Life PE –1 credit We like to schedule these electives for students in the 9th grade so that in grades 10-12, they will be ready to attend the Career Technical Center to earn CTE credits.

  21. Other Elective OptionsChoose One • Arts Survey – ½ credit • Theatre I – ½ credit ($15 fee) • Humanities – ½ credit • Mass media – ½ credit • Driver Education –½ credit ($50 fee) • Agriscience – ½ credit ($20 fee) • Fish and Wildlife – ½ credit ($20 fee) • Parenting – ½ credit ($25 fee) • Contemporary Issues – 1/2 credit • Spanish I* - 1 credit • Spanish II* - 1 credit • *Band 9th and Auxiliary Band* – Dance Team, Flag team – 1 credit Students taking a foreign language or Band will take their Health class in 10th grade.

  22. Four Year Plan Each 8th grader must complete a 4-year plan. This document will project possible courses for the student to take during his or her high school career. This plan should reflect courses designed to prepare a student for his or her college/career goal. These plans will be reviewed yearly and adjusted as students’ narrow their education/career goals.

  23. When tests are given: 9th Grade – Transition Year 10th Grade – ACT Aspire 11th Grade – ACT with Writing 12th Grade – WorkKeys End of Course Assessments – ACT Quality Core Assessments The required Quality Core End of Course Assessments for 2014 – 2015 are English 10 and Algebra I

  24. Important things to do in 9th grade • Develop good study skills. • Take the right classes for YOU! • Make the best grades you can. • Find an extra-curricular activity to participate in. • Volunteer at church or in your community. • Keep a record of your activities, service, honors and awards, and work history.

  25. Final Thoughts Signed Pre-registration forms are past due. If your child still has theirs, please make sure they get it turned in. Your signature on that form, lets us know you have seen and agree with their class choices.