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project management job description

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project management job description

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project management job description

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  1. Career Opportunities for Project Management By: Iva Ollar

  2. A Demanding Opportunity • In business, project management is a demanding full-time position. • Project Managers are responsible for launching new products, developing new technologies, & other essential factors that can make or break a business.

  3. Project Manager Expectations • Define the scope of the project • Preparing the project schedule • Making sure the project team has the supplies and resources necessary to get the project done efficiently • Managing the project by making sure it isn’t over budget • Making sure project team members understand their responsibilities are, while ensuring the quality of their work • Communicating with management

  4. An Effective Project Manager • Project Managers are held liable for the success and failure for their projects. • This can cause a great deal of stress because their job and livelihood depends on the ability to do well on each and every project • There are many things that can go wrong with a project, such as, overspending, bad quality, not reaching deadlines, and/or overlapping of projects. • Making sure the project is on time and under budget is always a great reward to the project manager and their project. • Project managers need to have an analytical mind, good people skills, and the willingness to rise or fall on the demonstrated success of their work.

  5. Professional & Personal Requirements • Educational requirements for project managers vary greatly depending on the type of projects they manage. • Successful project managers have formal business training, like an MBA. • They must be able to evaluate a project's financial repercussions from a corporate point of view. • Strong leadership skills are needed, as well as, strong communication skills, and a focus on getting things done

  6. Career Aspects • The field of project management is high in demand • Opportunities depend on the number of projects taking place, for instance when the economy is low the demand becomes low • To avoid worrying about job security it is best to specialize in specific industries that are not affected by the levels of economy • Many different industries use project managers to create/launch new merchandise, design new systems of operation, and many more tasks that allow growth for an industry • The outlook is much stronger for product managers in industries with strong growth prospects, such as high tech and biotechnology.

  7. Career Tracks & Salaries Most people start out as an assistant on a project management team and work on what they are assigned for a project. When experience is gained, more tasks and responsibilities will be assigned until the assistant is ready to lead a project on their own. When gaining experience, the tasks assigned can be creating, tracking, and updating the schedule using software, as well as reviewing documents, and writing reports. Here are a few entry level and senior level jobs examples and their average annual salaries • Project Coordinator: Average Salary 74k • Project Scheduler: Beginning Average Salary 60k • Assistant Project Manager: Beginning Average Salary 50k • Project Manager: Average Salary 98k • Senior Project Manager: Average Beginning Salary 70k

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