Wire scanner and bsrt status
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Wire Scanner and BSRT status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wire Scanner and BSRT status. F.Roncarolo , E. Bravin , A. Rabiller S. Bart Pedersen, A. Guerrero J.Emery , M. Sapinsky LHC BOC, 15-March-2011. Wire Scanners. Quite some work done on software and hardware Standard mode (40 MHz bunch-to-bunch)

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Wire scanner and bsrt status
Wire Scanner and BSRT status

  • F.Roncarolo, E. Bravin, A. Rabiller

  • S. Bart Pedersen, A. Guerrero

  • J.Emery, M. Sapinsky

  • LHC BOC, 15-March-2011

Wire scanners
Wire Scanners

  • Quite some work done on software and hardware

  • Standard mode (40 MHz bunch-to-bunch)

    • Electronics installed on all devices and commissioned (J.Emery)

    • FE setup for synchronizing bunch selection (A.Guerrero)

    • OP GUI: few bugs corrected, new PRO version released (E.McCrory, T.Lahey)

    • Beam1: 200 Hz baseline noise on PM signal to be cured (J.Emery, TechStop)

    • Turn Mode (~ 10us Averaging)

      • B1 needs new delay w.r.t. turn clock to be adjusted in order to open gate at bucket 1

      • B2 OK

    • General

      • FE fits (sent to Logging DB) to be checked (anyhow all profiles logged, Offline fit always possible)

      • Need MD to study absolute accuracy

Bsrt hardware
BSRT Hardware

  • During shut-down (A.Rabiller et al.)

    • Optical path re-alignment

    • Slow camera translation stage for additional remote focusing degree of freedom

    • Intensified Fast Camera installed

    • Alignment to be further improved (especially B1) as soon as new external lasers delivered

    • Fast Camera Ethernet connection not stable yet

Bsrt software control
BSRT Software/Control

  • Front End (A.Guerrero)

    • Automatic optical filters and camera gain settings based on image acquisition feedback

      • DONE  get rid of theoretical tables vs beam energy&intensity

    • Automatic entrance mirror steering based on image acquisition feedback

      • Almost DONE can automatically look for best focus vs beam energy

  • BI Expert GUI (S.Bart Pedersen, E.Bravin)

    • subscription to FBCT  bunch lists

    • on demand bunch scans

      • Scan dies as GUI closed

  • OP Fixed Display (L.Ponce)

  • OP GUI (LAFS: Dennis Nicklaus) designed at early BSRT stage

  • Nobody using it

  • LAFS personnel (McCrory, Nicklaus, et al) are ready to modify/upgrade

  • Bsrt software next
    BSRT software NEXT

    • Front End

      • Fully commission and test stability of automatisms based on feed-back

      • Major upgrade: move profile fits from FE to daemon process on US45 PC (already used for automatic controls)

  • Bunch Scans (Front End and/or GUIs)

    • Short termEquip FE with FBCT subscription and automatically initiate scans ?

    • Upgrade OP Gui for bunch scans? Who?

  • Bsrt calibration
    BSRT calibration

    • Preliminary results of cross-calibration w.r.t. WS

      • Camera translation allows to find a better focusing than last year

      • We will compute best correction factors vs energy and publish to logging

      • Many studies still needed to understand absolute accuracy

        • Focusing

        • Aberration (geometric,chromatic)

        • Diffraction

    Corr Factors 2010

    2011 (prelim.)

    Bsrt vs ws preliminary
    BSRT vs WS (preliminary)

    Bsrt vs ws preliminary1
    BSRT vs WS (preliminary)


    • WS

    • 40 MHz operational

    • Absolute calibration to be studied

    • Need TS to investigate noise on B1 WS H and V

    • BSRT

    • automatisms for gain, focusing, steering almost all done, stability to be tested

    • absolute calibration to be studied

    • Bunch-to-bunch scans not automatic, need some more effort BI and OP

    • FAST camera (bunch-to-bunch, turn-by-turn) commissioning hopefully after TS

    • MD requests

    • ramp 1.38TeV (includes AGAP and LDM)

    • WS-BSRT cross-calibration

    • WS response to PM gain/ filters

    • Emittance preservation

    • General

    • Check beam optics at monitors