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The Essay. The Dixie Classic Fair. Everybody has a story!. First. Outline Your Essay. Second. Write Your Essay. Outline Your Thoughts – Introduction. Example: How often do you go to the Dixie Classic Fair. Do you go with your family or friends

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The essay

The Essay

The Dixie Classic Fair


Outline Your Essay


Write Your Essay

Outline your thoughts introduction
Outline Your Thoughts – Introduction

  • Example:

    • How often do you go to the Dixie Classic Fair.

    • Do you go with your family or friends

    • Something about the Fair no one may know about

    • Transition


7 sentences or more

“The best way to begin the introduction is with a general statement about the essay topic. This explains what the essay is going to be about and mentally prepares the reader for the arguments that will follow. Do not give your opinion in this sentence--this is only a general statement about the topic.”

Example introduction
Example - Introduction

The place I like to visit the most is the Dixie Classic Fair. I visit the fair every year. I’ve been going to the fair for about twenty-three years and I always have a good time. I always take my family but there those times when I want to go a second time and I’ll go by myself. Did you know that the Fair started as a place where folks just came together to show off their horses and other animals? It’s a known fact that the Dixie Classic Fair is liked by folks much more than the State Fair in Raleigh. There are so many events, rides and food to enjoy at the Dixie Classic Fair.

Outline your thoughts body
Outline your thoughts - Body

Give details about the fair

Events and shows



The essay

7 sentences or more

“Each paragraph of the body supports the thesis statement.”

Example body
Example - Body

My favorite event/show is The Swifty Swine Show. I get a kick out of all the different names they give the pigs each year. The show uses Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs of all sizes. The animal shows are always my favorites. There’s a dog herding show starring a very smart Border Collie that rounds up some geese. Geese are known for being tough little critters with a big attitude.

The food is really good at the fair. I love the corn-on-the-cob, turkey legs and just about anything else I’m in the mood for. I don’t get on the rides as much as I used to so I don’t have to worry about getting sick from spinning around. I’ll do the Ferris Wheel, though, because it doesn’t spin me around.

Example body continued
Example – Body (continued)

We always stop by the pavilion that contains the different arts and crafts. We enter and display our paintings at the fair every year. My husband and I paint in acrylics and oils. My son usually enters his paintings but last year he entered some of his photographs. We’ve won quite a few ribbons for our work. Our goal is winning best of show.


7 sentences or more

“The conclusion is the essay's last paragraph. It restates the thesis and summarizes the main points.”

Example conclusion
Example - Conclusion

I’m glad we have a fair in our home town. It may be a bit smaller than our State Fair but it’s just as famous. I can’t wait until the Fall so that I can experience the shows, activities, smells and tastes that make our fair a great place to be. Etc………