forms of business ownership n.
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Forms of business Ownership PowerPoint Presentation
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Forms of business Ownership

Forms of business Ownership

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Forms of business Ownership

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  1. Forms of business Ownership Sindia Vidal

  2. Sole proprietorship • One owner • This is a type of ownership where an individual wants to work and make his decisions independently.

  3. Buddy • Buddy is an example he has his own bakery and he is an independent owner and makes his own decisions and can come up with his own ideas.

  4. Partnership Partnership • This is a type of business controlled by two or more people who share the same ideas.

  5. Partnership (Example) Dash store • The Kardashians are threesisters who decided to open a store together. • They all have an equal amount of ownership and the store is equally controlled by all 3. • They share ideas.

  6. Stock Shares of ownership in a corporation. It includes any ownership interest in start-up company.

  7. Corporation Separate legal entity owned by one or more share holders and managed by a board of directors. It is difficult to form

  8. Corporation (example) Megacorp office is a really big corporation with a great number of owners or shareholders. Corporate boards place day-to-day management decisions in the hands of a chief executive officer who may also be a boards chairman or president.

  9. LIMITED LIABILITY Financial responsibility of business owners only for what they invested in the in business.

  10. Limited liability This is not taxed. Steven invested in a small part of a company Steven has finalcial responsibility only for what he invested in.

  11. Franchise A contractual agreement to use the name and sell the goods or services of an existing company.

  12. Franchise (example) Anna has a franchise form she signed a contract that stated that she will be selling dash products.

  13. Non-profit organization A business whose main purpose is to provide a service rather than make a profit.

  14. Non-profit (example) Global Youth Partnership For Africa is a good eample because they care more about giving a service than making a profit they like helping.

  15. Unlimited Liability Full legal an financial responsibility for a business.

  16. Been in charge of whole the business. Unlimited liability

  17. Retailer A business that sells goods and services directly to the public.