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Julia Gray PADM 659 Dr. Saylor 4/15/2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Julia Gray PADM 659 Dr. Saylor 4/15/2011

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Julia Gray PADM 659 Dr. Saylor 4/15/2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Eight-Year Business Plan for the Expansion of the University of Alaska Anchorage Master of Public Administration Program: 2011 - 2018. Julia Gray PADM 659 Dr. Saylor 4/15/2011. Public Administration Jobs Forecast: 2008-2018. Healthcare Administrators with MPAs or MPHs.

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An Eight-Year Business Plan for the Expansion of the University of Alaska Anchorage Master of Public Administration Program:2011 - 2018

Julia Gray

PADM 659

Dr. Saylor


healthcare administrators with mpas or mphs
Healthcare Administrators with MPAs or MPHs

Total number of Healthcare Administrators Percentage of Healthcare Administrators with MPAs or MPHs

  • Alaska 38 75 51%
  • Washington 263 487 54%
  • Wyoming 32 67 48%
  • Montana 54 123 44%
  • Idaho 49 124 40%
what we know total uaa mpa graduation statistics 2000 2010
What We Know: Total UAA MPA Graduation Statistics, 2000-2010

Source: (Author Unknown). “Degree and Certificate Awards Conferred by Award Type and Program.

Table 3.04.” (2010). UAA Department of Institutional Research.

the alaska market for academic programs for mpa degrees
The Alaska Market for Academic Programs for MPA Degrees
  • Established Within Alaska:
    • UAA MPA Program
    • UAS MPA Program

Online Programs Competing in Alaska

-- Walden University, Minneapolis, MN

• Actively Pursuing the Alaska MPA Academic Market

-- University of North Dakota

• Comparable in Major Emphases, Credit Cost and is NASPAA Accredited. Rated #3 in the US as a “Best Buy” by

does uaa s mpa program meet uaa s strategic plan for 2017
Does UAA’s MPA Program Meet UAA’s Strategic Plan for 2017?
  • UAA Strategic Plan Values and Practice for 2017:

1.) and 2.) “Preparation for High-demand Careers.”

3.) “Special Attention to Advanced, Graduate Study.”

4.) “Develop Selected Programs of Distinction, Designed to Attract the Best Students and Faculty from Alaska and Beyond.”

5.) “Distance Education.” This describes one student in our PADM 659 Class.

6.) “Organize and Expand our Internationalization and Inter-cultural Programs to Prepare our Students to Think, Work, and Serve in a World Being Transformed by Integration and Globalization.”

7.) “All Instruction is Centered on Current and Active Professional and Craft Practice, Academic Research, or Creative Expression.”

8.) “Increase… Participation of our [Graduate] Students… in Professional… Practice. [I]ncrease their Opportunities for Academic Distinction, and Sustain the Growth of Engagement with our Communities.”

9.) “Complete the Full Implementation of Program and Institutional Outcomes Assessment.”

10.) “Systematically Review All Programs for Quality, Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Continued Relevance to UAA’s Mission.”

does uaa s mpa program meet ua s strategic plan 2009
Does UAA’s MPA Program Meet UA’s Strategic Plan 2009?

• UA’s Goals and Objectives:

1.) Student Success

-- “Provide… Internship Programs.”

2.) Educational Quality

-- “Improve Collaborative Graduate Programs Across MAUs.”

-- “As New Programs are Introduced and Existing Programs are Reviewed, Determine the Most Appropriate Location(s) and Methods for Program Delivery.”

-- “Provide additional staff support for entrepreneurial program development.”

3.) Research Excellence

-- “Communicate the value of University Research in Terms of [UA]’s Educational Quality and Alaska’s Economy.”

4.) Faculty and Staff Strength

-- “Routinely Use Visiting Committees and Other Peer Review Mechanisms.”

-- “Ensure High Quality Teaching.”

5.) Responsiveness to State Needs

-- ** “Assess and Meet Alaska’s Current and Projected Workforce Needs.” **

-- Expand the Study of Public Policy Issues.”

naspaa accreditation and us news world report mpa program rankings
NASPAA Accreditation and US News & World ReportMPA Program Rankings
  • Many of the Top 25-ranked, Tier I Schools Do Not Seek Out NASPAA Accreditation.
    • #1 ranked Syracuse University is not NASPAA Accredited, just as Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA are Likewise Not NASPAA Accredited
    • US News & World Report Relies Solely on NASPAA-Approved Peer Reviewers to Rank Programs. It is Not a Transparent Ranking Procedure.
    • UAA’s MPA Program is a Dues-Paying, Institutional Member of NASPAA. UAA is Accredited, as is the College of Business and Public Policy.
naspaa 2009 standards where does uaa seek improvement
NASPAA 2009 Standards: Where Does UAA Seek Improvement?
  • Standard 1.1: UAA’s MPA Program Needs a Very Clear “Mission Statement.”
    • This Mission Statement Must Include “Employers” the Program Intends to Serve
  • Standard 2.2: At Least 5 Full-time Faculty Members or Their Equivalent
  • Standard 4.3: UAA Students Need Assistance Finding Public Administration Internships and Job Placement Assistance.
  • Standard 6.1: The Program Needs “sufficient funds” to pursue its Mission, Objectives, and Continuous Improvement, and More “supporting personnel.”
  • Standard 7.1: The Program Must Provide Alumni with Communications to Foment Interaction and Networking.
marketing the mpa program
Marketing The MPA Program
  • Marketing the Program to Alaskans

-- Execute a Web-based Advertising Campaign in the Websites of All UA Campuses. The Advent of Distance Education Courses Will Inevitably Expand our Presence in the Alaskan MPA Market, Competing with UAS’ Web-based Program.

  • Marketing the Program to Other American Students
    • Through the Expansion to Online Classes, This Segment of the Market Will Not Have to Move to Earn a UAA MPA Degree.
    • Send a Member of the Staff to Graduate School Fairs in the Lower 48 in Cities Where Universities Participate in WWAMI Already. These are Cities Where There are Already High Demand for Healthcare Administration Jobs, Yet the Tuition for MPAs are Locally Higher, Even in Comparison to UAA’s Out-of-State Tuition Rates.
  • Marketing the Program to International Students
    • Create a Budget Where one Faculty Member Travels Abroad Annually to one Developing Country Where the US Peace Corps is Already Participating in Public Health Campaigns. Doctors Without Borders Centers are Another Option.
student enrollment projections 2011 2018
Student Enrollment Projections, 2011 - 2018

Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Alaskan Total Students 94 120 120 120 120 120 120 120

AK PM, PA, CJ Emphases 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94

AK HCA Emphasis 0 26 26 26 26 26 26 26

Lower 48 and International 4 4 6 7 9 11 14 19

Students HCA Combined Total Emphasis

Total Sum of HCA 1 30 32 33 35 37 40 45

Emphasis in Program:

Total MPA Students: 98 124 126 127 129 131 134 139

Percentage in HCA: 1% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30% 32%

PM = public management,

PA = policy analysis,

HCA = healthcare administration,

CJ = criminal justice

the plan for expanding the uaa mpa program
The Plan for Expanding The UAA MPA Program
  • With the Expansion of Healthcare Spending at the Federal-level as Part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, UAA Must Maximize the Number of Students Who Will Be Trained in the Major Emphasis of Healthcare Administration in Alaska from the Current Number to Approximately 139 Students/Year.
  • This Expansion of the Program Would Meet the Needs of Local, State, and Federal Healthcare Administration Jobs in Alaska For the Next 10 Years, Making this Major Emphasis to be the Largest Major Emphasis.