david jason munoz cepd 8102 timeline 1974 present n.
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David Jason Munoz CEPD 8102 Timeline 1974- Present PowerPoint Presentation
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David Jason Munoz CEPD 8102 Timeline 1974- Present

David Jason Munoz CEPD 8102 Timeline 1974- Present

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David Jason Munoz CEPD 8102 Timeline 1974- Present

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  1. David Jason MunozCEPD 8102Timeline 1974- Present Past, Present, and Future

  2. 1978 - Child Memories My most vivid memories have to do with family love I shared through my parents. As a child, I remember growing up with a mom, that loved like no other. My dad, was the hardest working man I ever new. Dad also taught me how to treat a female by the way he treated my mother. Dad is still a loving man! My 5th birthday was the day I remember feeling loved by my parents.

  3. 1980 - Childhood Memories - Continued • I started playing baseball at the age of six, which allowed me to learn about success and failure. Sports were very instrumental in my life, as I played college baseball, leading to a degree.

  4. 1987 - Childhood Memories - Continued • At the age of 13, I played football and ran track for J.C. Booth middle school. I set records in football and track. My track record in the hurdles has yet to be broken. I remember middle school being significant in the areas of self image and self-esteem. Growing up with low economic status in a very high economic community caused early self doubt for me. Success in sports caused me to develop a positive self image and develop confidence to socially interact and overcome my fears.

  5. 1993 - High School Challenges At the age of 17, I had to deal with depression as I had to deal with an injury in baseball. I was going to be drafting in June, 1993, but hurt my arm in winter baseball practice. I did not get drafted and started to lose control of my self image. I started to drink and not care about life choices. I was headed down the wrong path.

  6. 1994 - Delta Airlines • I worked 14 years at Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia. I had the opportunity to visit many exciting and beautiful places in the world. I had many self discovers while in my “Delta Years”.

  7. College Years – “Growing Pains” 1995 – Suicidal thoughts 1996- Jesus Christ saves me

  8. 2000 – First Life Accomplishment In June, 2000, I accomplished something that no one in my family had ever accomplished. I graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Health and Physical Education.

  9. June 6, 2001 – “New Life” • On June 6, 2001, I married Jamie Patricia Lowry, my high school sweet heart. Jamie has been my inspiration from day one.

  10. 2001 - The Family Years Hank, Riley, Ella, and Henry

  11. 2001 – Hank

  12. 2004 – Masters in Education Continued life learning to a better quality of living.

  13. April 6, 2006 • Riley Grace, was born into my arms and it was a gift from GOD. I believe having a child by two people that share the same love has been the greatest feeling in my life.

  14. 2006 – Teacher Years Begin • Get my first teaching job at J.C. Booth middle school in Peachtree City, Ga.. I begin to be significant in life and my self image continues to evolve into something bigger.

  15. March 21, 2008 • Ella Cate, was another gift from above. I believe children are the greatest gifts GOD has created.

  16. 2010 - Henry

  17. June 27, 2010 – Mom Crisis • First time in my life having to deal with a family crisis. Mom has major aneurysm in brain and remains in a coma. The whole family is having trouble dealing with the pain. Life Span is starting to evolve into some very difficult times. The family is stronger!

  18. 2011 – Graduate with Eds. (IT) • I never would have thought I would be getting a third degree, but nothing will stop me from accomplishing this goal. Life is good!

  19. 2015 – Community Work • Jamie and I have dreams of assisting in helping kids with life threatening illnesses at Camp Sunshine during the summers.

  20. 2020 – Love Lives Here • I have always dreamt of having my on business that would help people in some way (life coach, charity, etc.) and I hope the opportunity is present around this time in my life.

  21. 2026 – New life Again Hard to believe how fast kids grow up, but here we are and both kids are in college now. Jamie and I must adjust and start our new lives with the house empty again. I can’t imagine this. I will need to start a new hobby!

  22. 2033 – Grandparents? I would love to experience being a grandfather one day. I can imagine another Riley or Ella coming back around. Life is a gift!

  23. 2035 – Retirement Begins Life is full of changes, but this might be the toughest. I will need to find a new passion to maintain happiness, because I love a busy life.

  24. 2050 – Old Age • I don’t want to speculate to much, but I know GOD willing, I will be living a happy and active life with my wife. Jamie and I will travel to make new happy memories visiting family and places never shared together. I have enjoyed this reflection project. Thanks!