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Exponents Insta USA, Inc PowerPoint Presentation
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Exponents Insta USA, Inc

Exponents Insta USA, Inc

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Exponents Insta USA, Inc

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  1. EXPONENTS INSTA USA, INC We design and build custom trade show displays :  A Full Service Exhibit House Page- 01

  2. INDEX Page- 02

  3. EXPONENTS INSTA USA, INC If you are anxious about getting rental solutions that are catalogued and offered through off the shelf designs, let Exponents address your needs through customized trade show booth rentals in  Chicago that are unique and truly differentiated. We understand the needs of seasoned exhibitors and offer them a hassle free exhibiting experience by shouldering every responsibility including design, transport, assembly, set up and dismantling. Page- 03

  4. EXPONENTS INSTA USA, INC Exhibitors around the world can rejoice as Exponents launches a comprehensive tradeshow booth selector that brings transparency and efficiency in the process of short listing exhibits Whether you are a seasoned player or a newbie, you deserve excellence and Exponents takescare of that with its unrivalled expertise. Our skilled manpower and state of art technology put together creates exceptional quality standards. If you are looking for trade show booth rentals Chicago that are distinctive yet economical, Exponents will fit the bill with its superlative services honed over 30 long years. With a comprehensive range of trade show booth rentals Chicago, we promise clever solutions that will help you write a winning story. Page- 04

  5. EXPONENTS EXHIBIT RENTALS Whether you are a one-time exhibitor or an infrequent one, if you looking for first rated trade show booth rentals Chicago you may cease your search right here. We offer turnkey booth packages for 10×10 rental booths, 10×20 rental booths, 20×20 rental booths, 20×30 rental booths, 20×40 rental booths, 30×30 rental booths and if you are looking for a custom booth size, our design team will assist you to create custom designs. Our quality driven, unique trade show exhibit rentals Chicago will let you take on your competition and cast a spell on the onlookers without affecting your ROI. THE KEY TO AFFORDABLE CHICAGO TRADE SHOW BOOTH RENTAL Page- 05

  6. EXPONENTS EXHIBIT RENTALS Exhibitors have always felt the pinch of expensive trade show booths and diminishing trade show returns. But Chicago trade show booth rentals are changing it all. Exhibitors are getting the liberty to get custom rentals booths in Chicago within their means and without compromising on booth appeal. Chicago Trade show booth rentals are changing the face of exhibit industry They can choose from the widespread inventory of exhibit houses, select a rental booththat fits their requirement, give it a make over as per brand guidelines, use it for the upcoming trade show and get it wrapped up after use. That sounds brilliant, isn’t it? And that is exactly why it is fast catching up and becoming a huge trend. Page- 06

  7. GALLERY Page- 07

  8. EXPONENTS TRADE SHOW DISPLAYS We design and fabricate custom turnkey rental booths unique to your brand, products and services. We offer turnkey rental booths, allowing our clients to connect with audiences in unique, memorable ways. Why the tide is shifting in favour of Chicago booth rentals ? Chicago Trade show booth rental have always been around. But exhibitors did not want to go for it because it was an off the shelf solution. Exhibitors wanted to be a part of the design process right from the beginning so that the brand nuances could be incorporated. Page- 08

  9. EXPONENTS TRADE SHOW DISPLAYS Renting booth in Chicago wont give them that flexibility. Exponents introduced custom trade show booth rental to take care of this issue. With that, exhibitors could put their brand theme or colours on even rental inventory. Now that made Chicago exhibit rentals a big hit amongst exhibitors. OVER 500+ CUSTOM ALL INCLUSIVE RENTAL EXHIBITS SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERED FOR INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITORS EXHIBITING ACROSS THE UNITED STATES Page- 09

  10. OUR WORK We build lasting relationships with our clients. Chicago Trade Show Booth Rental I Exhibit On Rent in Chicago Follow Us Page- 10