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Digital Menu Restaurant Application PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Menu Restaurant Application

Digital Menu Restaurant Application

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Digital Menu Restaurant Application

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  1. Digital Menu Restaurant An Introduction of digitalized form of the Restaurant Menu in India

  2. What is Restaurant Digital Menu? • It is an interactive restaurant menu located on every table of the restaurants and hotels. • It was launched in 2013 in the city of Navi Mumbai, India. • It offers to the customers a full range of pleasing restaurant dining experience with innovative ordering and bill payment services. • Good and efficient restaurant services with an easy operation of the complete system.

  3. How Beneficial is the App?

  4. Features of the Restaurant Digital Menu Some of the important features of the digitalized restaurant menu are: • Easy Set-up – The functionality of the eWineDine Restaurant Menu is simple and self-explanatory to use. The systematic categorization of the items of the menu easily enables you to scroll up and down to the desired lists of menu categories.

  5. Contd… • High-Resolution Images – Diners will enjoy viewing the high quality image of each meal listed in the food menu. Every food will be enclosed with a high quality, clear and eye-catching image that will help the guests to check before placing the orders. It is also a way to tempt customer’s attention towards the attractive food menu.

  6. Contd… • Call waiter Button– Now interactive Restaurant Digital Menu helps the guests inside the restaurant to summon a waiter easily by pressing the call waiter button. This innovative way to call a waiter with excess of comforts now is a sure way to win the hearts of the guests.

  7. Contd… • Message Broadcast – This feature is applicable only to the restaurant managers. Now broadcasting any important or special events like marriage ceremony, birthday celebrations, happy hour’s time or special events on weekdays and weekends can easily be done. Every announcement of the special events can easily be done through the message broadcasting service.

  8. Contd… • Social Interaction – The sophisticated Restaurant Digital Menu enables the guests inside the restaurant to log in to their social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linked etc from the consumer’s tablet only. It is an absolute strong way to kill down the boredom at restaurants. Sharing the joyous experiences of a restaurant by the customers on social sites also becomes an important promotional platform.

  9. Contd… • Highlights Offers and Discounts – Digital Restaurant Menu helps the managers to easily display the special meal offers and discounts. This enhances and comforts the ordering restaurant food experience of the guests and also, avoids the paper form of the attractive meal offers at restaurants.

  10. Advantages of the Restaurant Digital Menu • Offers interactive restaurant services to the customers. • Reduces waiting time of the guests inside the restaurant. • Enables the guests to experience an innovative food ordering experience. • Heightens the level of satisfaction of the customers’ restaurant dining experience.

  11. Conclusion • Restaurant Digital Menu with innovative services of the restaurants will surely change the existing Restaurant and Hospitality Industry. • The progress of the services in the industry will increase the income of the business. • In conclusion, it offers significance benefits to the industry.

  12. Thank you for your visit eWineDine | Digital Menu for Restaurant Address: 218, Building no: 2, Sector 1, MBP, Mahape Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400710 Email Id : Website : App: