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Save Your Marriage information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A guide to saving your marriage through communication, forgiveness, acceptance and love.

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>>>Click Here to Get The 7 Secrets To Saving Your Marriage<<<

>>>Click Here to Get The 7 Secrets To Saving Your Marriage<<<

For couples who feel that their marriage might be coming to an end, there are things you can do to save the marriage, even if your partner is not concerned or questions that there is a problem. Divorce should not be taken lightly, and if you think you are headed down that path, then, start today to improve your marriage and life together.

Two things you need in every marriage are acceptance and love. Acceptance means that you take your spouse for who they really are inside. If they are dirty, you can wash the dishes in the sink. If he or she is a neat freak, try and understand why they are pushing a mop around your feet. You married your spouse for a reason and that will not change after marriage. Accepting their faults also shows the love you have for your spouse. How can you really love someone if you do not accept them for who they are inside?

By showing a willingness to make time for your spouse, you’re showing them you love them. Doing things together confirms the links you share and gives each of you the opportunity to leave the responsibility of life behind for a while.

Forgiveness is another factor that marriages can’t live without. The holding in of past transgressions will slowly eat away at you and your love for your spouse. Forgiving someone does not mean that you forget or accept bad behavior; it just means that you are ready to understand that it was a mistake and that you agree to be sorry for the incident. Do not let stubbornness or a desire for vengeance ruin your marriage.


While all marriages are different, they all require the same thing to maintain a healthy and happy one. Couples need openness and honesty in communication with each other. They need the ability to forgive, the desire to find time for each other, acceptance, and, of course, love. Communication is a key element of a healthy marriage. Keeping feelings inside instead of being open and honest with your partner can lead to resentment. It’s impossible for the other partner to know if there is a problem when no communication takes place. When either spouse find’s something that they do not like about the relationship, they should not hesitate to say something about it, but do it in a respectful and gentle way.

Years of marriage can be difficult, as far as, remembering how a person should be treated, because we are so used to treating people in a certain way. If you really love your spouse, wouldn't you want to give them all the support they need, even if they were not giving you all the support you need? If you really love your spouse, would you not talk to them with respect, even if they do not show the same courtesy? Stop expecting your spouse to treat you the way that you think you deserve to be treated. Love is doing what is best for a loved one. Your spouse then will eventually follow the example and show you love in his or her own way.