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How Solving Your Disagreements Can Save Your Marriage PowerPoint Presentation
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How Solving Your Disagreements Can Save Your Marriage

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How Solving Your Disagreements Can Save Your Marriage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to avoid fighting by following these steps in order to solve your disagreements to save your marriage.

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>>>Click Here to Solve Disagreements In Your Marriage<<<

>>>Click Here to Solve Disagreements In Your Marriage<<<

As much as nobody likes it, disagreements are part of any relationship. Often it is the continued disagreements between a couple that can lead to divorce. Although not everyone will agree all the time, it is important in a relationship to discuss and learn how to resolve disagreements.

Disagreements can happen for many reasons. However, these disagreements can be avoided if you change certain behaviors. For example, confront jealousy in a relationship and recognize when it appears. Jealousy can lead to irrational thoughts and feelings, and actions that could lead to arguments and defensiveness in your spouse. Also, do not break promises or be an unreliable partner. The promises that are broken open the way for mistrust in the marriage. Say you'll do something and then follow thru with it to leave no doubt, which will avoid a disagreement. Replace these unhealthy behaviors in a positive way. For example, trust your spouse.


Also, don't fall into the trap of negative patterns in how you relate to each other. A few of these negative patterns take the form of mentally and / or physically abusing your spouse. Sometimes the only way that people can express their hurt is to hurt back. Taking this course of action will not only hurt your partner, it will most definitely hurt your marriage instead. The day will come when your spouse says "enough is enough" and your marriage will end abruptly.

The first trick is trying not to be defensive when discussing a disagreement. Being Defensive will only make your spouse feel as though they are being attacked. This will lead to further strains on your marriage. Also, do not bring up past mistakes. This bad habit will only make your slightest disagreement turn into severe and complex arguments. Forgiveness is the key to a good marriage. Learning to forgive is like a reset button of marriage. Without forgiveness, small acts seem huge because of all the old baggage they drudge up.

When you and your spouse have a disagreement, don't put off discussing the issue until later. It's important to solve the problem right then and there before it becomes even larger. Disputes are not always avoided, but you can change the way you talk about them. Try not to argue with each other. Arguing will undoubtedly lead to failure to communicate between couples causing even more problems. It's best for each of you to keep an open mind, and always talk to each other.


Showing support for your spouse tells them that you are willing to stick through thick and thin. When it seems that your spouse has an issue, show him or her that you are ready to listen and support them throughout the journey thru the relationship. When you listen to their problems, and if you are sure that they are wrong, do not express your thoughts immediately. Alternately, demonstrate an understanding of how you may feel about the issue. Then, to help solve the problem, invite and encourage them to find solutions themselves. In this way you can be a good example to your spouse so that the next time you have an argument you will have a better understanding and respect for each other.