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Presentation on Vapi Dyes and Chemical Industries Cluster Gujarat State. By Zenith Energy Services (P) Limited Hyderabad. Schedule of Implementation. Zenith Energy Services Pvt. Ltd. started Energy use and Technology Audits in the Month of November 2009.

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Vapi Dyes and Chemical Industries


Gujarat State


Zenith Energy Services (P) Limited


Schedule of implementation
Schedule of Implementation

Zenith Energy Services Pvt. Ltd. started Energy use and Technology Audits in the Month of November 2009.

No of units covered for energy use and technology audit
No. of units Covered for Energy use and Technology Audit

  • Total No. of units in Vapi Cluster are

    around 450

  • No. of units to be covered in the Cluster are 75 units

Products manufactured
Products Manufactured

  • Chemicals

  • Dyes

  • Intermediate

  • Pigments

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Bulk drugs etc

Main energy forms used
Main Energy Forms used

  • Electricity

  • Lignite

  • Coal

  • Imported coal

  • Natural gas

  • Biomass materials

Major energy consuming process equipments
Major Energy Consuming ProcessEquipments

  • Reactors

  • Dryer (Tray & Rotary)

  • Steam Boilers

  • Blenders.

  • Ball Mills

  • Refrigeration and A/c Plants

  • Dust Collector

  • Pulverizers

  • Eccentric Vibrating Screen

  • Rotary Screen

Energy scenario
Energy Scenario

  • Supply by State Electricity board: In Vapi total 5 grid (66 kv 3rd phase, 66 kv 4th phase, 66 kv GIDC SS, 66 kv Damanganga, 220 kv Balitha) each grid minimum 10 to 15 feeders & each fedder 11kv. Power available 24 hr. weekly one day power cut. Phase wise staggering is there. (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday). Per unit rate @ Rs.5.80

  • Gas supply by Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (GSPC), per unit rate Rs. 15.50/- basic price & vat 15% extra. They offer service wherein minimum consumption 100 units per month & maximum no limit. At present gas availability problem. Other fuel FO/ LDO/Coal/ Wood getting from local traders. ( Wood cost Rs. 3/- per kg.) Due to cheap cost maximum are using wood

Possible identified areas
Possible Identified Areas

  • De-super-heaters for refrigeration plants for hot water generation required for the boiler and process hot water requirement

  • Replace old and inefficient dryers with new dryers for optimizing steam consumption and fuel consumption

  • Auto control system for water circulation pumping system with VFD’s and pressure transducers for optimising power consumption of pumps

  • Efficient boilers in place of old boilers

  • Improve the performance of the refrigeration system by various methods

Possible Identified Areas

  • Replace local make pumps with new energy efficient and optimized size pumps

  • Improved design agitators with helical gear system and VFD’s

  • Improved design ball mills and Pulverisers

  • Efficient and Optimum sized blowers

  • Install waste heat recovery system for boilers and natural gas generators

Issues and concerns for implementation
Issues and concerns for Implementation

  • Involves high investment for technology change of various equipments and low returns

  • Interested to implement low cost measures

  • Lack of interest in investing in energy efficiency measures and more concentration on production, quality and new products innovation

Financial Issues

Technical issues
Technical Issues

  • Lack of awareness on technologies available in the market

  • Rely on local equipment suppliers and all equipments are locally fabricated

  • Lack of awareness on energy saving either for the management or workers