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  1. Announcements • Next week: meeting on THURSDAY October 17 in JOHNSTON ROOM 304: you have 4 things to bring. • Pumpkin (can be baby) to paint • Dues are due! • Clothes for Career Wardrobe • Ethics pledge signed- I’ll send it in the next email • Oct 23 from 5-8 pm: Moe’s Fundraising Night: Find 2 friends that can definitely go • Agency tour in Charlotte on Friday Nov. 15: email me ( soon if you’re interested in going

  2. Be an Interview Machine The interview formula: prepare your best answers to these questions

  3. Instructions • Jot down your answers to the following questions • Try not to copy the examples- the best interviews are the ones that showcase who you are as an individual. Show some personality. • Note: none of these questions directly ask about your experience in PR on purpose. Weave in why you’re qualified as much as possible. • When we are done, use the sheet you wrote on to help you in a mock interview with your partner

  4. What got you interested in PR/Marketing/Event planning? • Just be honest. This question provides opportunity to showcase personality. • Ex. “I have always loved being creative, whether it meant writing a song on the guitar, blogging, or making a collage for my room, I have always known I couldn’t be a number cruncher. I love that PR allows for opportunities to come up with fresh ideas for clients. I also love to write, and I knew PR involved writing so I decided to give it a try, and fell in love.”

  5. What is your greatest weakness? • Say what you do to improve upon it • Most employers don’t like to hear “I’m too much of a perfectionist” • Ex. “My greatest weakness is probably that I take a longer time on projects, not because I’m not focused, but because I don’t like to work under pressure. To overcome it I normally like to get a head start on whatever it is I’m working on.”

  6. What is your greatest strength? • This one should be easy 

  7. What motivates you? • Any of these are good: • The challenge of finishing the project • Being successful in my career • Making the client happy • Making a difference • The excitement of creating a new idea

  8. Tell me about yourself. • AKA tell me about how awesome you are at what you do, not how many pets you have • Ex. “I’ve always been a news junkie and I spent my last two years in school preparing myself to work in communication when I graduated. I sought out internships and extracurricular opportunities such as PRSSA that would expose me to media relations work, and I’m excited to continue on that path. I’ve been told that I’m particularly good at coming up with creative story pitches, and I love pitching, but I really want to learn every aspect of this business from the ground up. I’d like to work in-house rather than in an agency, and I’m especially interested in advocacy work, so I’m particularly excited about this opportunity.”

  9. Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you overcame it. • Key to this question: have a specific situation in mind before your interview • Use the STAR technique • Situation: “Once I was on a team that was given only a few days’ notice to cover an important event” • Task: “We were told to cover the live event by streaming a bestselling author’s speech to the public, but streaming software wasn’t working properly” • Action: “Instead, I began live tweeting the speech and another team member shot the speech on his camera. As soon as we got back to the office, we uploaded the speech to YouTube” • Results: “We had a very high engagement rate on twitter and YouTube with the public, the author, and the author’s followers. This led to a 50% spike in sales on the author’s book over the next 24 hours”

  10. Give a time when you went above and beyond the requirements for a project. • Key is again to have a situation in mind • Ex. “My boss was telling me about how he has a growing number of interns. Many companies don’t know that they can submit projects for the interns to work on for free. I immediately saw that as a great opportunity for PR and started typing everything he said about it. In the next meeting we had, I gave him a news release about the intern project that we could send out to let companies know more about the intern project. He loved that I had gone above and beyond what I needed to do.”

  11. What questions do you have for me? • Ask about THEM. People like to talk about themselves. • What is a typical day in the office like?* • How long have you been at the company and what makes you stay?* • How would you describe the work environment and corporate culture? • What are some of the goals for the company in the short and longer term? • How would my performance be measured? • What types of career opportunities may open up down the road for a person starting out in this type of position, assuming they perform well? • What are some of the company’s initiatives regarding learning and development?

  12. Partner Up • “A” people are the employer first and“B” people are the potential employee • Then switch roles • Do both interviews first, then critiques • You may use your sheet to help you, but try not to directly read: you want to sound prepared, not rehearsed