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Four Things to Look for when Choosing and Installing Solar P

Customers using solar power panels have access to the Queensland Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme and thus savings on their annual electricity costs. By installing a solar PV system, a family can save around $450 a year.

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Four Things to Look for when Choosing and Installing Solar P

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  1. Evolution Solar You have just taken the first step to a more efficient, greener and healthier you!

  2. Four Things to Look for when Choosing and Installing Solar Power Energy for Your Home • The choice to install solar power energy for your home is a wise one

  3. To be satisfied with the end result: the ease with which the system works • Instructions on how to make adjustments • The reduction of your carbon footprint A short description here will help you to decide which solar power electricity provider to use.

  4. Quality is the word we use to judge most of our product purchases, and there is no difference in choosing a solar power provider Four items to consider are outlined here.

  5. 1. Quality Solar Power Panels Are Critical • The quality of the solar power panels selected will make a difference in the way the panels absorb the light. The basics of how the panels work is simple, yet choosing a producer and distributor that can meet your needs is important.

  6. A solar power panel is typically made from silicon into a photovoltaic (PV) cell that converts sunlight into electricity. Two types of silicon • One with a positive charge and • One with a negative charge are placed together with glass covering so that light can strike the junction of these two pieces. When the photons of the sun hit the panels, voltage, or solar electricity is created in the form of DC power

  7. An inverter is also installed with the panels to convert that power into AC power which is more commonly used in the home

  8. Efficiency is respected in our daily lives with the work we do, so it should also be expected from your solar panels. To receive excellent solar power generation, the efficiency of the power cells and the temperature coefficient should be questioned and considered of your solar power panel installer.

  9. When purchasing solar panels, be sure to inquire about the warrantee of the solar panels that are installed The panels will be exposed to wind, rain, and of course the intense power and heat of the sun. A 10 to 15 year warrantee, with the panels expected to perform for at least 25 years, should be expected when you install a solar power panels.

  10. Developments in solar cell technologies are made often in the world of solar energy- mainly to reduce the carbon footprint of Australia and other nations around the world

  11. Mono (single) and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells are popular to build solar panels Panels made from multi-crystalline cells are typically less expensive than those made with single-crystal, yet are less efficient in converting to electricity.

  12. Recent advances have made the multi-crystalline silicon cells more efficient, which lowers the cost of installing solar power electricity in the home.

  13. A Quality Solar Hot Water Heater Before we move on to the power inverter for solar panels installed in the home, we will address heating your water by solar power.

  14. Two forms of solar hot water collectors are available – flat panel and evacuator tube. • With the flat panel solar hot water system, the panels will be placed on the roof while the tank that holds the hot water can be placed on the ground or the roof. The tank has a small electric pump that circulates the water through the hot water panels to heat it and then stores it in the tank.

  15. The evacuator tube system is similar in that a pump passes the water through the tubes to heat it, but the advantage of the tubes is that the water in the tubes has more exposure to the sun.

  16. Both of these systems are beneficial because they create hot water from the sun, although on days which are overcast they will not work. • Most hot water solar systems need to be connected to the electricity grid or a back up battery pack to assure that there will always be hot water for a family.

  17. 2. A Quality Solar Power Inverter Will Work for Years When converting the sun’s DC power to useable AC power, some energy is lost. This is why it is critical to purchase a solar power energy inverter that will function at the highest efficiency and will last for a long time.

  18. The normal voltage output for solar power is 12, 24, or 48 volts, and converting it to useable power is the responsibility of the inverter. This is why the quality of the inverter is critical to the success and usability of your solar power electricity system.

  19. When your solar system is connected to a provider’s electricity grid, the inverter will monitor usage, and provide communication to you the buyer and the provider via a real-time microcontroller. • As with solar panels, inverters continue to see advancements and new developments for higher standards for greater efficiency ratings.

  20. 3. Professional Solar Panel Installation Is Worth It • Once you have purchased solar power panels from an expert, it’s time to bring on the true professionals in installing them. This process is complex because the installer is working with live DC power and connecting it to the inverter for AC power.

  21. Thankfully, solar photovoltaic jobs must be installed by qualified tradesmen who have been accredited by Queensland’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) This accreditation and licensing of the installer allows the homeowner to claim solar power energy rebates from the Queensland government. The reassurance of having a skilled installer will also take away the worry of your home or others nearby being damaged.

  22. 4. Individualized Attention for Your Solar Power Needs • The choice to install solar power electricity in your home may be a big one to make, so take your time in shopping for the best provider. Make sure the company will consult with you before, during and after the installation.

  23. Research if the company has a retail showroom where you can look at the various products available as well as a gallery of photos displaying installations in various housing formats.

  24. Listen to any testimonials that the company has compiled and go into the first meeting with them with the expectation of hearing solutions to your energy needs

  25. Using solar power technology is something that will pay off for you and your family in the long run.

  26. The sooner you have it installed, the earlier you will begin to realize the benefits. Every day that you save money by using the solar power can be accounted for, and then the additional solar electricity that you feed into the grid will be compensated as well.

  27. Research and call a solar power electricity provider today!

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