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Context Clues

Context Clues

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Context Clues

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  1. Context Clues 5 Types of Context Clues

  2. Direct Definition Clue The meaning of the unknown word is provided by a direct definition or explanation. Signals that a direct definition is being given include means, which is , is, which are

  3. Direct Definition Clue Example: A micrometeris an instrument used with a telescope or microscope for measuring small distances.

  4. Direct Definition Clue Example: Crustaceanmeans a crusted animal which has a stiff outer covering.

  5. Synonym/Restatement Clue • The meaning of a word can be acquired by examining a phrase that restates or paraphrases a preceding or following word. • Signals that a restatement is being given include typographical clues such as commas, dashes, parentheses and word clues such as or, that is, in other words

  6. Synonym/Restatement Clue • Example: Many mackerel can be caught by seining, snaring with nets.

  7. Synonym/Restatement Clue • Example: A very important part of the cell is the nucleus, orcontrol center of all cell activity.

  8. Comparison Clue • The meaning of a word can be determined when the word is likened or compared to a more familiar word. • Signals that a comparison is being made include like, also, both, similarly, likewise, as well as, in comparison.

  9. Comparison Clue • Example: Ms. Kelly was known for her caustic remarks; likewise, Ms. Jones speaks harshly as well.

  10. Contrast Clue • The meaning of a word can be determined when the word is contrasted to a more familiar word.

  11. Contrast Clue • Signals that a contrast is being made include but, however, although, while, whereas, on the other hand, conversely, on the contrary, in contrast, instead.

  12. Contrast Clue • Example: Bob’s quietness was in sharp contrast to Ken’s volubility.

  13. Contrast Clue • Example: Sally was a dull companion, but Martha was always a vivacious one.

  14. Examples Clue • The meaning of a word can be determined when examples of the word or concept are given. • Signals that examples are being given include such as, for example, like, and other

  15. Examples Clue • Example: Condiments, such as cinnamon, sugar, mustard, and pepper were once too expensive for most people.

  16. Examples Clue • Example: Rats and mice are among the most common rodents.