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Eves24 - Diamond Jewellery PowerPoint Presentation
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Eves24 - Diamond Jewellery

Eves24 - Diamond Jewellery

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Eves24 - Diamond Jewellery

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  1. Diamond Jewellery For Weddings – Perfect Way To Flaunt Your Style

  2. Introduction Indian weddings are more than just a ceremony, as we believe that weddings unite the soul mates. The families of the bride and groom become one family, and every tradition has a deeper connotation behind it. Many ceremonies are performed by the bride and groom at the wedding to seek the blessings of the God and the elders in the family. Wedding jewellery is the most significant part of the overall ensemble of the bride as well as the groom. Donning wedding diamond jewellery at the wedding functions is not just about adding the glamour and glitter to an ensemble, it is more of a style statement that you make, and which talks about your dressing etiquettes as well as your sense of style.

  3. Diamond Jewellery For Weddings Today, people prefer to flaunt the diamond jewellery for weddings. Whether it is about the engagement rings, beautiful necklaces, bangles or bracelets, one can easily find attractive and elite designs in diamond jewellery, which you may not find in the traditional gold jewellery. The diamond jewellery is very glittery, and thus, gives the bride the right look for the occasion. Diamond jewellery is more subtle and looks immensely elegant, and that’s why, many brides look forward to match their wedding outfits with sophisticated pieces of diamond jewellery. Moreover, diamond jewellery can be easily matched with any outfit, and can even be worn on parties after the wedding.

  4. Wedding Jewellery For Grooms Not just for brides, but, one can easily find some attractive pieces of diamond jewellery for grooms as well, at most of the jewellery stores these days. While most of the grooms don’t like to don heavy pieces of jewellery, but, a subtle and exquisite neck piece, a brooch, or a wedding band looks ideal for the occasion and goes well with the wedding ensemble. These days, you can browse the exclusive pieces of jewellery designed specifically for grooms, and you can shop them from the online stores with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  5. Benefits of Buying Certified Jewellery The stores these days exhibit exquisite collections of Bridal Diamond Jewellery, and the designs look immensely exclusive. Though, it is difficult to trust just any store for buying expensive wedding jewellery, but, many stores offers certifications, from international laboratory, of the jewellery bearing all the characteristic traits related to the piece of jewellery. These certifications ensure that the jewellery is genuine, and the price you are paying for it is worth. Do check for the apt certification for the jewellery. For instance, the gold jewellery should be hallmarked, and diamond jewellery should be certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute). IGI certification of diamond jewellery certifies the diamond even after being studded in the jewellery frame. The certificate assures an impartial grading of diamonds. It enables the holder of certificate, a better value for resale and upgrade at any point of time. Click here to learn more about IGI Certified Diamond Jewellery

  6. About Us Eves24 offers IGI certified Diamond jewellery at wholesale prices which is atleast 20% lower priced than any other retail store. Our prices are about 60% lower than some of the leading brands. Eves24 offers bridal wear designs, Social wear designs and even regular wear designs both in classics and contemporary western. It offers real diamond jewellery such as engagement rings, real diamond bracelet, designer diamond bangles, Bridal necklace sets, wedding wear necklaces and many more. Facilities like Jewellery on Instalment and Jewellery on usage basis is provided for customers to help them unlimit their jewellery wardrobe and enjoy the prestige of wearing a new and a different diamond jewellery on each occasion.

  7. Thank You!