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Affordable Personal Training in Arizona

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Affordable Personal Training in Arizona - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Every Bit Fit Arizona is a leading personal training educator providing outstanding fitness training, in-home weight loss training and more service to customers. \n

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Mesa Arizona Weight

Mesa Arizona Weight

Loss Personal Trainer

Loss Personal Trainer

Weight loss is a very difficult challenge for just about everyone. Psychologically it

requires a strong sense of discipline and mental stamina to make weight loss a reality.

Many people fall short because of lack of knowledge and understanding of weight loss

variables. Rivak Hoffman is a Mesa Arizona weight loss personal trainer with over 18

years experience working with difficult weight loss. Just a visit to the testimonial page of will give you eye opening examples of people’s real life experience


with weight loss and their personal relationship with Rivak Hoffman. A Mesa Arizona

Weight Loss Personal Trainer is not about being a drill sergeant and getting people

pushing weights until it hurts. It’s about being a well rounded expert on human

metabolism, medical variables which effect weight loss, a complete understanding of

nutritional guidelines, and a keen insight into the human psyche and lifestyles which

often form significant barriers to weight loss.

Rivak Hoffman, who is also a former medical professional, understands the mind body

interaction very well. Also known as psychosomatics. The success of most medical

treatment plans is often contingent on the patient’s positive mindset and true

motivations. This is often seen with oncology and neurology patients. Weight loss from

a psychosomatic perspective is no different. If the desire to achieve is great and the

commitment 100% , then weight loss is always a reality. Accountability and support is

another important facet to success. Seeing changes through charted measurements,

dietary journaling, energy level changes and of course seeing a “new you” when looking

in the mirror are other significant facets to success. These facets are a few of the tools

that an expert Mesa Arizona weight loss personal trainer gives to his clients. And once

the weight loss is achieved, keeping the unwanted weight off and adhering to successes

which created the weight loss in the first place is critical. According to weight loss

experts around the globe, ninety percent (90%) of weight loss achievers will regain their

weight plus an extra 15%. This is because the human body has a biological set point for

comfortable weight and survivability. If the body weight composition is altered, it must

remain altered for at least 6 months in order for it to stick, otherwise the human body

reflexively reverts back to the initial body weight. All being said, an expert Mesa Arizona

Weight Loss personal trainer has the insight to your body weight measurements and

nutrient intake. This will be referenced to analyze positive and negative change. The

expert Mesa Arizona weight loss personal trainer will make the appropriate changes in

your exercise and nutrition program to eliminate weight loss plateaus which can occur.

The Mesa Arizona Weight Loss personal trainer is an expert on human metabolism and

understands which foods and training variables spur the metabolism. A heightened

metabolism is essential for continued weight loss, and at certain moments in a weight

loss program this can abruptly stop.

Good quality Mesa Arizona Personal Trainer are few and far between. A medical

background and a formal education and understanding of human physiology and

metabolism is key to difficult weight loss. According to the American College of Sports


Medicine, less than 25% of personal trainers in America have a medical background or a

formal education. Be wise in who you choose to manage your health and fitness!

If you are currently dealing with a weight loss crisis, then be proactive and do

something about it before life threatening diseases dominate your life. Rivak Hoffman

is a Medical Exercise Specialist, Mesa Arizona Weight Loss Personal Trainer and Post

Rehab conditioning specialist. He is the CEO of Every Bit Fit Arizona and sees private

clients at a private health club in Mesa Arizona or in the convenience of their homes.

For more information go to

For more information about Affordable Personal Training in Arizona visit;

Contact Information

Every Bit Fit Arizona

Phone: (480) 868-5170


Main Office: 2324 N. Pyrite, Mesa, AZ 85207