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ZILA PARISAD , BHILWARA (Rajasthan) Block - Suwana

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ZILA PARISAD , BHILWARA (Rajasthan) Block - Suwana - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lab-to-Land Initiative. ZILA PARISAD , BHILWARA (Rajasthan) Block - Suwana.

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vision of lab to land initiative

“The Vision of Lab-to-Land Initiative is to demonstrate sustainable & full achievement of objectives of all schemes of rural sector as Agriculture, Horticulture, Watershed, MG NREGA, IndraAwas, SGSY, Health, Education, Sanitation, Drinking water, Animal Husbandry, ICDS, Social Justice & Empowerment, Fisheries, Employment, Forest, Land Record, Electrification, Public Distribution System , Industries , PMGSY etc.''

Vision of lab-to-land Initiative

activities conducted

Selection of District Bhilwara in Rajasthan

Selection of Block Suwana in District Bhilwara

District level core committee formation

Block level core committee formation

District & Block level core Committee one day orientation programme on 23.10.2010.

Action plan prepared of all the schemes for remaining period of year 2010-2011

Activities conducted ….

monitoring evaluation

Review at GP level by GP level officials in gram panchayat level meetings (date 5 & 20 of every month)

Fortnightly meeting of Block Core group

Monthly meeting of District Core group

Night halts of relevant officials in rural area

Review through e-gram scheme

Evaluation through NGO after one year

Monitoring & Evaluation

Swasthya Rath

  • IEC Van
  • Programmes by Kala Jattha
  • Capacity building initiatives of different stake holders of the block
  • Exposure to Best Practices
  • Creation & capacity building of Community Resource Persons
  • Social Audit of all schemes
  • Reaching out common mass through-
    • FAQs
    • Leaflet
    • Wall painting
    • Flax & Posters
    • Grameen Bharat news paper
    • Interactive Sessions
    • Screening of IEC and Training Films
    • Community Radio
    • Quiz and Events
    • Agriculture Rath/Kishan Mela
    • Revenue Camps

IEC & Training Programmes at a glance


Swasthya Chetna Yatra 15-9-10 to 14-10-2010

* Mega treatment camp at district head quarter organized from 15-17 Nov. 2010


Animal health camps in pilot project area

(101 villages) (May-June, 2010)

administration towards village campaign
Administration towards village campaign

- Campaign will be held from 10th Nov. 2010 to 31st Dec. 2010.- In block Suwana 34 GP level camps will be organized.- IEC of all schemes will be conducted through leaflets, Flax & - Posters, Training films etc.- Grievances & problems of villagers will be solved on the spot.- Applications of individual beneficiaries will be completed in the camps.- Revenue problems will be resolved at the spot.- All kind of social security pensions will be sanctioned at the camp.


CSC programme under E-Mitra

  • Object & Services of CSC -
  • Provide IT services in rural area
  • CSC provides collection of Electricity, Water supply, Telephone & Mobile bills under G2C services
  • Recharge of Mobile & DTH
  • Collection of LIC premiums
  • Railway & Airlines reservations
  • LR servises (Jamabandi Nakal)
  • Judicial stamp sale
payment through biometric device
Payment through biometric device

touch a billion people

through innovative technologies and alliances

at the bottom of the pyramid

for delivering multiple services

at the lowest cost

payment through biometric device1
Payment through biometric device
  • Central Bank of India as service provider
  • All 34 GP's of Suwana block Covered
  • More than 46000 accounts opened
  • More than Rs. 7 crore disbursed through biometric account.
  • 34 CSP working in Suwana block
zero mobile platform key attributes
ZERO Mobile Platform : Key Attributes
  • Mobiles phone (with PKI security) act as a core Bank branch
  • Simplified Enrollment system for on-the-spot, anytime enrollment by local CSP
  • Pension/NREGA disbursals with biometric authentication possible before Smart Cards are distributed.
  • Full support system for SHGs is built-in (attendance, loans, savings, VAS). Technical review of SHG system functionality is under way at CBI.
  • Voice Prompts during enrollment and transactions (version release in w4 of April 2008)

Can also be deployed on PCs - by adding a NFC card reader + fingerprint scanner (both USB peripherals costing about Rs. 6000)

mobile phone as a bank branch
Mobile Phone as a Bank Branch
  • High security. PKI + 3DES security (Data transfer Security level)
  • Upto 50,000 customer accounts on one mobile instrument:
  • Complete customer ID
  • Photograph
  • 4 or 6 Fingerprints each
  • Multiple account types
  • 5 years of transaction history for multiple transaction types
  • Daily synchronization with Bank back-end system. Over the air application updates using GPRS.
  • Self-sufficient on communications. GPRS+SMS. No landlines needed.
  • Offline + Online.Upto 2 GB local memory tostore offline transactions.
  • Versatile. 4 hours of interactive media storage (training + bank products)
  • Voice Prompts. Local language voice overs during transactions/ enrollment

Disbursals with Biometrics do not require Smart Cards

  • 9 digit unique number (ZSN) given free to each consumer on-the-spot.
  • CSP’s mobile stores database of linked customers in a local database, including photograph, 6 fingerprints, voice prints, multiple account types, transaction history. 200k is asigned to each customer record.
  • Database synchronizes daily with the back-end for ALL attributes.
  • Until customer card arrives, ZSN manually entered on mobile. Customer details appear on mobile screen, including customer photograph. Stored fingerprint templates transmitted to fingerprint scanner for authentication.
  • Phone updates local customer database. Receipt is printed.
  • All Government disbursals can be made with this method, using full biometric authentication, even before the delivery of photo-personalized smart card takes place.
  • Limitation: Transactions within Local Service Area (95% usage).

CSP Operated Enrollment System

  • Existing notebook based enrollment method has the following issues:
  • Very high costs (about Rs. 30-40 per enrollment)
  • Low yield in campaign mode
  • Outsiders carry out enrollment in a village
  • Investments made do not benefit the village.
  • Enrollments are carried out by local CSPs using same device set,with the addition of a simple digital camera.
  • Very simple user interface: designed with live inputs from target users - village SHG members, 7th class pass, cannot read or write English; cannot type; cannot operate a PC.
  • High yield: As the CSP is always available, even if the daily yield is 30 enrollments, a village of 1500 candidates will take only 50 days to complete. There is no hurry.
  • Much better power efficiency: system lasts for a whole day on battery. No need of a generator. Can be operated with solar power (work in progress on this).
  • No outsiders: Local village CSP performs the entire task (for larger loads, may use local assistants).
  • Cost reduces: Investment in enrollment reduced to Rs. 10 per enrollment.
  • CSP benefits: The local CSP is paid the entire Rs. 10 per enrollment.
  • Permanent enrollment-on-demand capability is created in the village.
  • ZSN card given to customer at the end of enrollment. This is good to transact (refer earlier sections).


  • Secure Identity through biometrics
  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawals
  • MGNREGA / Pensions disbursals
  • Micro Savings (no frills a/c)
  • Micro Credit
  • Micro Insurance
  • Cashless Payments
  • Utility Payments
  • SHG Utilities
    • Loan disbursals
    • Loan repayment
    • Automated Attendance

Online -- Transaction Flow – Cash Withdrawal

ALW server

Core Banking Server – Bank X

Credit Aggregate Account of BC

Telecom operator switch

Debits Customer Account

SBI Core Banking Server

Through secured SMS

Core Banking Server- Bank Y

NFC phone

Contact less Smart Card

Finger print Verification

mg nrega trainings

More than 1000 PRI’s Representatives such as ZilaPramukh, Pradhan,PS & ZP Members ,Sarpanch & Ward Panch trained at Cluster, Block & District Level.

  • 383 GP Level Social Audit Committee training organized at Block Level.
  • Repeatedly Mate training held on Cluster Level more than 3000 Mate trained.
  • 5 MIS based training for District & Block Level DEO.
  • DRP & BRP’s trained as a master trainer for various training.
MG NREGA Trainings
wall painting year 2009 10

All wage paid & working days of laborers painted on walls at Village Level.

  • Work wise material used painted at village Level in local language.
  • All 383 Gram Panchayat’s are covered.
  • All sanctioned works painted at Gram Panchayat Bhawan.
  • Name of GP Level Social Audit Committee displayed.
Wall Painting year 2009-10
bharat nirman rajiv gandhi sewa kendra

11 PanchayatSamitiBNRGSK.

  • 383 Gram PanchayatBNRGSK.
  • All Social Security, Rural Development, Agriculture Schemes Flexi sheet will be displayed.
  • Electric Bill, Railway Reservation, Bus Reservation, Telephone Bill will be paid in a single window through CSC.
  • Availability of all Individual Beneficiaries Schemes application forms.
  • Work Demand, Payment & Information related to MGNREGA.
  • Online MIS Feeding at GP Level.
  • 1.1 KV Solar System Backup.
  • Low cost technology adopted

(laury baker concept)

Bharat nirmanrajivgandhisewakendra
social audit

383 Social Audit Committee formed.

  • 383 GP Level Social Audit Completed.
  • 11 FIRs lodged related to payment & irregularities.
  • 4.85 lacs. recovered against financial irregularities.
Social audit
mgnrega help line

Started at District Level.

  • Toll free Help Line Telephone.
  • Redressal of complaints in 7 Days.
  • Ensured reply to Complainant telephonically.
  • 137 complaints received & 107 disposed off.
MGNREGA Help line

The vision is to secure rural livelihoods through the overall improvement of natural resources, agriculture, infrastructure and building capacity for sustainable management of the resources.


The overall objective is to enhance the quality of life by providing secured livelihood opportunities to the poor and marginalized sections, by reducing vulnerability and promoting holistic socio-ecological & economic growth.


No special fund was provided for this project major activities are undertaken with the convergence of MGNREGA & line departmental funds.

Targeted household

[Special Project for 101 villages]

  • 101 villages in 11 blocks
  • BPL 5334
  • SC 4153
  • ST 2172
  • Small farmer 5477
  • Marginal farmer 6548
  • Others 6931
  • Total households. 25281
  • Total land expected to be treated. 40000 ha
  • Household Survey of all families in 101 Villages
  • Survey : 15 September to 5 October,09
  • CPR prepared : 25 October,09
  • DPR Prepared and submitted to GOI: 6 November, 09
  • Core group formed at District level.
  • Interventions to support farm based livelihoods of the SC/ST families under the 101 villages have been planned under MGNREGA in the year 2010-11.
  • Subject matter specialist at district level & village development officers at panchayat level has been posted
  • Skill school & training institutes has been opened
  • Convergence process with all the line departments has been started
  • Livelihood works are in progress
convergence work initiated under
Convergence work initiated under …


  • Road works with PWD department
  • Forest closure, plantation, Grass seeding with Forest Dept.
  • MGNREGS category – 4 works with Agriculture dept. 600 works in operation
  • UNDP innovation through NGOs. 5 projects running.


  • Skill up gradation of rural youth through RUDSETI, IL&FS cluster, NGOs like VISWAS, NIS Sparta and SIS. 391 youth trained and 297 has been employed.
  • Induction of cattle and skill up gradation of farmers through Dairy society.
  • Establishment of women garment producer company through IL&FS Training started.


Establishment of cattle feed plant with a grant of 20 crore .


Land development works and 33258 ha. land treatment through 6 projects.


UNDP Innovation -1

One World InnovationLeverage ICT tools for improving access of knowledge and information at the grassroots for enhanced accountability – enabling the poor to demand rights based entitlement withinM.G.National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Pilot in 10 villages spread across Suwana block of Bhilwara district

  • Two Info-Kiosks covering 10 villages
  • Suwana Panchayat (Suwana Block)
  • Kanda Panchayat (Suwana Block)

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innovation component cont
Innovation Component Cont…

‘Using various ICT tools available with a view to minimize human interface and bring maximum transparency and quick delivery of services in the implementation process of MGNREGA’

  • New age info-kiosks for ICT assisted empowerment of MGNREGA workers
    • Biometrics based identity validation
    • Enhanced transparency through direct access of information by MGNREGA workers
      • Graphics based touch-screen interface with audio prompts in local language for access across language and literacy barriers
      • Text-to-Speech for Information delivery in voice modes
  • Community Radio for building rights based campaigns on citizens’ entitlements
    • Specific focus on rights and entitlements under MGNREGA
  • Digital Knowledge Repository for single point access of MGNREGA knowledge resources by field functionaries and Administrators at local level.
cont soochna seva kendra info kiosks updates
Cont…SoochnaSeva Kendra (Info-kiosks) updates

Biometric Registration: 12000 workers’ profile stored in database

Over 500 workers demanded work through info kiosk

Over 3000 workers accessed information from info kiosk

Substantive community mobilization and participation of workers in radio programmes; around 20 radio programme produced by local workers and narrow casted among 14 listener groups at worksites and panchayat office.

Total 17 radio programme broadcasted through AIR FM Rainbow India 102.6 MHz on various topics like water conservation through NREGA, Educated Unemployed, Women workers in NREGA, Social audit.

Over 1700 knowledge content uploaded on Digital knowledge Repository

UNDP Innovation - 2Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, (Action Research On Integrating Khadi, Handloom in MGNREGS)


  • To preserve the traditional skills in the artisans.
  • To prevent deskilling in the artisans as for little better wages in NREGA they tend to leave their skilled work
  • To develop the sustainable model for such artisans to get the work beyond NREGA.

Project area

Asind- Dholi, Jaitpura, Shahpura- Kothia and Hurda- Bhadwon ki Kothdi


Developed the 6 SHG’s, trained 100 weavers, provided 50 Looms for working lined with market.

undp innovation 3 basix
UNDP Innovation -3 BASIX

Project Area

Rayala, Beran and LambianKalan Gram Panchayat of Baneda block


  • To introduce a sense of customer ship amongst the MGNREGS workers through financial literacy.
  • Facilitating access to different financial services through Business Correspondent model and biometric cards.
  • Conceptualize the strategy and integration with other services and opportunities for sustainable livelihood promotion of the target group.


  • 4000 NREGS customers start using the savings account for saving and deposit, 2800 micro insurance, 200 money transfer, 2235 issued biometric card etc.

UNDP Innovation -4 PRATHAM

Project Area-50 villages of 101 selected villages.


  • To impart computer skills to 500 NREGS workers.
  • Adult Literacy,basic reading-writing, Health, Financial and Legal literacy to 5000 NREGA workers.
  • Agri- related skills for employment or self-employment.


  • Adult literacy: 1,875 illiterate NREGA worker with help of computer learners.
  • Computer Exposure: 500 people are getting exposure to computers and 287 has been trained.
  • 1000 people exposed with agri. related skills.

UNDP Innovation -5SEWA

About Project

  • SEWA initiated pilot projects on leveraging the NREGA for Human Development through skill building to strengthen implementation of NREGS.
  • The project is implemented in six villages of the MohanpurPanchayat and 5 villages.


  • Empowerment Approach
  • Asset Based Approach
progress in lab to land selected block
Progress in laBto land selected Block
  • Name of G.P. - Kanda
  • Villages in GP -Kanda, Dhangras, Hansiyas & Maheshpura
  • Total Household -736(BPL-11, SC-140, ST-77)
  • RUDSET established and in operation
  • IL&FS skill school in operation
  • MGNREGA Cat.(4) Works started -80
  • Skill up gradation- 5 youth


So far Achievement as on Date working on Supply Chain Basis



Total Sanitation to Total Development Mission

Hardware Activities (On TSTD Mode)



Total Sanitation to Total Development Mission

IEC Activities (On TSTD Mode)


Skill Development & Self employment ……

  • Training for security guards to unemployed rural youth conducted through SIS New Delhi
  • Self employment training conducted through RUDSET like mobile repairing, Computer hardware, Dress designing etc.
  • Construction of RUDSET building as training centre at block HQ Suwana.
  • Skill development of rural youth & establishment of Readymade garment producer company through IL&FS NGO.
  • Training for non agriculture sector like Masons, Met, Plumber, Electrician, carpentry etc. through IL&FS.