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“The remote that makes your life easier.”. Ever gotten frustrated trying to find a misplaced remote?. We have just the product to solve this problem!. Mission Statement To use technology to enhance life and to offer solutions to everyday problems . . Introducing the MyFinder……………….

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We have just the product to solve this problem
We have just the product to solve this problem!

Mission Statement

To use technology to enhance life and to offer solutions to everyday problems .

Introducing the myfinder
Introducing the MyFinder……………….

Our Industry: Electronics

Our Product: MyFinder - is a rechargeable universal remote with a built-in tracker.

Target Market: 18-45 (age group identified as Tech Savvy)

Enhances the user’s convenience with these features:

- “All-in-one” features

- Ability to recharge

- Tracker that allows you to find it when lost.

Primary good how it works
Primary good (How it works……)

  • Remote & Rechargeable remote base:

  • TV, Cable, Satellite, Blu-ray and DVD player compatible.

  • Remote has a built-in tracker. To find misplaced remote hit the “Page” button on base, which “sounds off” remote.

  • Base has a rubber tag so it can be placed on or around the TV’s surface.

  • Base also serves as a holder & charger for the remote when not-in-use or when the battery is low.

Peripheral goods services how they work
Peripheral goods & services (How they work…..)

iPhone ApplicationKeychain trackerText Message

Keychain tracker that can be attached to frequently misplaced items.

Ability to text personal product code to the # 525 to sound off remote.

iPhone app that has a “page” button to sound off the remote.

Peripheral goods services how they work1
Peripheral goods & services (How they work…..)

Technical SupportWebsite or Phone

There to assist users with any technical questions or problems they may have.

Users can also “sound-off” remote by entering in product code on website, or saying it over the phone to customer service rep.

Strategy development
Strategy Development

  • We surveyed 500 remote users between the ages of 14-45

  • 88% said they get frustrated when they can’t find a misplaced remote

  • - Our goal is significantly reduce this frustration with our tracker.

  • 78% said they would prefer not to buy new batteries for their remote.

  • - With our rechargeable remote, no batteries will be required.

  • 72% said they prefer universal remotes over single function remotes

  • - We will provide them a remote with multiple functions.

Market competitors
Market competitors

  • - Universal Electronics Inc. (sell universal remotes)

  • - GE’s Universal remote (have a keychain tracker for remote)

  • How we’ll overcome these threats:

  • More convenient (iphone app, website, etc)

  • Reduced associated costs (no need to buy batteries)

  • - alternatives to track remote in case one alternative is unavailable (lose keychain)

Order qualifiers order winners
Order Qualifiers & Order Winners


  • Dissatisfiers:( what customers expect)

  • Warranty

  • Instructions manual

  • Satisfiers: (what customers like to see)

  • -Multiple functions of the remote

  • -Tracking function of the remote

  • - Enhanced Convenience


  • Exciters/Delighters: (unexpected bonus)

  • Many alternatives to “sound off” the remote

  • Rechargeable Remote

  • Keychain tracker

  • -Great technical support

Core competences
Core Competences

Competitive Priorities: we will compete on…...

Quality – minimize product defects, always meet our customer’s needs

Innovation – provide what is desired by consumers that is not currently supplied in the market.

Core Competences: how we will compete on this…..

(For Quality) - R&D team consisting of the best and brightest electrical engineers & programmers

- 24/7 customer service to always meet our customer’s needs

(For Innovation) - the best & brightest R&D team

- complaint blog on our website for consumers to rant about problems with electronic products they currently own.

Preliminary design testing
Preliminary design & testing

Stage 1:

Dropped the remote several times

- to test whether damages to the remote would cause defects to its functions.

Stage 2:

Hid the remote in the various places (couch, backpack, etc)

- to test whether the tracking sound was loud enough

Stage 3:

Allowed 20 moderately and not-so tech-savvy people to use remote

- to test whether the product was easy-to-use

Final product raw materials equipment
Final Product & Raw Materials/Equipment

  • Materials

  • Circuit Board

  • Sound Card

  • Plastics

  • Cardboard (for packaging)

  • Equipment

  • Plastic Injection machine

  • Laser Cutter ( for silicon wafers)

  • Packaging machine

  • Fork Lift

Industry growth model
Industry Growth Model

Year Sales ($)

1 120,468,000

2 158,380,000

3 181,349,000

4 235,846,000

5 272,680,000

Linear regression
Linear Regression

Year Sales ($)

6 308,311,600

7 346,500,600

8 384,689,600

9 422,878,600

10 461,067,600

Percent of industry sales projection
Percent of Industry sales projection

Year Sales ($)

1 3,083,116

2 3,465,006

3 3,846,896

4 4,228,786

5 4,610,676

Market research and logic tells us we can earn: 1% of industry sales

Break even analys is
Break Even Analysis

  • Fixed Cost

  • Building $200,000/yr

  • Employees $11/hr @40 hrs a week= $22,880/yr

  • 40 employees @ $22,880/each = $915,200/yr

  • Benefits and Perks $150,00/yr

  • Equipment $175,000/yr

    Total Fixed Cost= $1,440,200

  • Variable Cost = $17.00/ Unit

  • Selling Price= $29.99/ Unit

  • Break even $1,440,200/ ($29.99-$17.00)=

  • 110,869 Units to Break Even

Production capacity
Production Capacity

  • Initial

    - We expect to run at about 75%-80% when we first begin because demand will be high

  • Long Run

  • We expect to maintain this and possible increase this rate especially with the increase training and being responsive to our customer’s needs.

  • In our Break Even analysis we do have some years where we have over forecasted but that little extra inventory will allow us to have extra in case we get a large order