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Activities, Events and Short-Term Rentals PowerPoint Presentation
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Activities, Events and Short-Term Rentals

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Activities, Events and Short-Term Rentals
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Activities, Events and Short-Term Rentals

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  1. Activities, Events and Short-Term Rentals An overview of F&O Policy 2.17

  2. Overview • Reason for Policy • Policy • Definitions • Forms • Insurance and Waivers • Event Fees and Revenue • Flowcharts • Frequently Asked Questions

  3. Reason for Policy • This policy was created as required by North Dakota State Board of Higher Education policy 909. • UND strives to mitigate potential risks, and provide for well-planned, successful campus activities and events.

  4. Policy • UND-related activities receive precedence • An Activity/Event Approval form and/or Facility Use Agreement must be completed • Lease/rental fees are collected to cover expenses • Fees may be waived with justification • UND group to UND group rentals are not required – but may – collect fees (not an allowable charge on grants and contracts) • Non-University groups are to furnish liability insurance • Insurance requirement may be waived for nonprofit groups and small events • Liability waivers may be utilized for non-university groups that are not nonprofits or small events • Activity, event and short-term rental revenue must be deposited into fund supporting facility

  5. Definitions • Special Activity/Event • An activity or event that requires or has the potential to require campus resources and/or planning. This includes, but is not limited to, large events, multiple-day activities, and activities or events that have any known or past problems or potential risks (i.e., security needs, safety issues, parking requirements, etc.). Special activities/events are approved through the submission of an Activity/Event Approval form. • Short-Term Rental • A rental that is in effect for less than one year.

  6. Definitions (cont.) • Small Event • An event of less than 20 people occurring in one location, and not spanning a time frame of more than a week • University Group • UND departments

  7. Definitions (cont.) • Related Parties • UND-related foundations, recognized student organizations, governing councils, Student Government, Association of Residence Halls, Greek organizations, NDUS, and other NDUS institutions • Non-University Group • Third party entities with no relation to the institution and no institutional financial support. Entities other than University Groups and Related Parties.

  8. Definitions (cont.) • Waiver • Agreement signed by an individual or group releasing the University of North Dakota and State from liability

  9. Forms • Activity/Event Approval Form • The form completed for each desired special activity/event. Completed forms are submitted to UND Safety for processing and forwarded to the Activity/Event Review Board for approval. • Facility Use Agreement • Agreement signed by an individual or group acknowledging the use of UND facilities under described terms and conditions. An Activity/Event Approval Form does not replace a Facility Use Agreement. The manager of the host facility will provide the responsible party an agreement to complete as necessary.

  10. Activity/Event Approval Form • Form located on the Environmental Health & Safety website • • Submit form to UND Safety at least two weeks prior to event • Email form to • Mail form to UND Safety, Stop 9031 • Fax form to 7-4132 • Call 7-3341 for more information

  11. Activity/Event Approval Form (cont.) • A two-month grace period (until January 1, 2013) will be given for promotion of policy revisions and the two-week submission deadline • Events not meeting the two-week submission criteria will be considered and accommodations will try to be made to approve the event; however, UND reserves the right to deny any request not submitted at least two weeks in advance

  12. Facilities, Services and Additional Arrangements • Facility/Room • Parking • Security • Food • Permits • Furniture/Equipment • Barriers/ Fencing • Trash Containers • Campus/Public Notice • The following services are not automatically provided through the submission of an Activity/Event Approval form. Arrangements must be made independently to obtain these services. • Lighting • Water • Electricity • Restrooms

  13. Facility Use Agreement • Agreement template is located on the Finance and Operations A-Z Policy Index website • • Any alterations to the agreement must be approved by General Counsel • A written Facility Use Agreement must be provided by the facility manager and signed by the responsible party for non-University sponsored events. • This agreement must be signed by the president, a vice president, a dean, or their designees.

  14. Insurance and Waivers • Non-University groups are to furnish liability insurance • Insurance requirement may be waived for nonprofit groups and small events • Liability waivers may be utilized for non-university groups that are not nonprofits or small events • The decision to accept waivers in lieu of insurance is made by Risk Management

  15. Insurance and Waivers (cont.) • Waiver templates are located on the Risk Management website • • Alterations to the waiver(s) must be approved by Risk Management • A written, signed Liability Waiver is required for any non-University sponsored event • For more information, contact Risk Management: 7-4132

  16. Event Fees and Revenue • An event fee schedule and a documented explanation for the establishment of rental fees must be created • The Budget Office will assist in the development of a fee schedule • If fees are waived, justification must be provided in writing on the Facility Use Agreement as to why fees are not collected • Justification to be provided by the president, vice presidents, deans, or their designees • Deposit revenue into fund(s) utilized to support the facility • For more information, contact the Budget Office: 7-6155

  17. Activities/Events Flowchart

  18. Short-Term Rentals Flowchart

  19. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) • For an expanded list of FAQs visit the Finance and Operations website • • Who can use UND facilities for activities/events? • UND permits the use of its facilities by the University community, related parties, and other individuals or groups; however, University of North Dakota-related activities are given precedence over the use of facilities by non-University groups. All parties need authorization prior to being allowed to hold activities/events on campus.

  20. FAQs • What types of activities/events or rentals need an Activity/Event Approval form? • University groups, non-University groups and related parties wanting to hold a special activity/event on campus must complete an Activity/Event Approval form. Campus department meetings are generally not considered special activities/events, unless dignitaries in attendance have special needs, or security or parking needs are required.

  21. FAQs • Can events be scheduled more than 12 months in advance even if all of the event information is not yet available? • Yes. When completing the Activity/Event Approval form, provide adequate information to complete form. Follow-up information must be provided to Environmental Health and Safety and the facility upon making additional arrangements or finalizing event details.

  22. FAQs • Where must revenue be deposited as defined in the phrase “Departments are required to deposit revenues from short-term rentals into University fund(s) that are utilized to support the facility?” • The revenue must be deposited in the same fund that pays the expenses for the facility. If the department renting the facility does not have a fund that pays for any expenses for the facility they must contact the Budget Office for the fund that is paying the expenses.

  23. FAQs • Do events at the Gorecki Alumni Center go through the same approval process as events at other campus locations? • No. The Alumni Center approves its own events. However, the Alumni Center and the responsible party should work together to submit an Activity/Event Approval form to Environmental Health and Safety to ensure there are no conflicts with other events on campus that could interfere with parking, catering, safety, etc.

  24. FAQs • Is the rental fee the only amount I will need to pay for my event? • No. If extra support/resources are necessary for the activity/event, the responsible party must request those services separately and for pay any additional expenses (above and beyond the rental fee) associated with those services. This includes, but is not limited to, overtime costs, security, parking, food, etc.

  25. FAQs • What are there food requirements for on-campus events? • The food and food services guidelines addressed in the UND Loss Control Manual apply to all members of the University of North Dakota community, including visitors. All raw or prepared food and food related services at public events held on campus must be acquired through licensed food and food service providers. All food served at public events must be transported, prepared, and served in a manner consistent with the North Dakota Food Code. Additional information is available through the Grand Forks Public Health Department and the USDA.

  26. FAQs • Is a Facility Use Agreement (FUA) required for all short-term rentals? • Yes. • How are expenses defined in the phrase “UND collects fees sufficient to cover expenses incurred during events?” • Expenses may be direct or indirect, and include but are not limited to, utilities, custodial services, overtime, etc. All costs need to be reviewed when establishing a fee schedule.

  27. FAQs • How does this policy document apply to career fairs or student-employer interviews? • An Activity/Event Approval form must be submitted to Environmental Health and Safety for activities of this nature. These events have the potential to bring many people to campus and can impact parking, catering, etc. Rental fees and insurance for activities/events sponsored by UND departments may or may not be required. Visit with the host facility regarding potential fees; UND Risk Management regarding insurance needs.

  28. Activities, Events and Short-Term Rentals An overview of F&O Policy 2.17 Initial Presentation via U2 Session Finance & Operations Policy Office Thursday, October 25, 2012 Instructors Carol Herman, Corrinne Kjelstrom, Sharon Loiland, Dawn Pladson and Jen Rogers Questions Contact Jen Rogers (701) 777-4392