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Champions for Health Galveston County

Champions for Health Galveston County. David Mitchell, Director of Program & Services (Jesse Tree) Johnnie Moses, Chairman of Champions for Health www.jessetree.net P.O. Box 575 Galveston, Texas 77553 409-762-2233 dmitchel@jessetree.net

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Champions for Health Galveston County

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  1. Champions for Health Galveston County David Mitchell, Director of Program & Services (Jesse Tree) Johnnie Moses, Chairman of Champions for Health www.jessetree.net P.O. Box 575 Galveston, Texas 77553 409-762-2233 dmitchel@jessetree.net "A shoot will come up from the stem of Jesse; from his roots a branch will bear fruit." Isaiah (11:1)

  2. This Time… It’s about You! Champions for Health Galveston County

  3. Men’s Health

  4. Prostate Cancer Death Rates by Race/Ethnicity in Men Aged 45 and Above

  5. Making an Informed Decision

  6. The Screening Dilemma Do I know the likelihood of various outcomes? Do I know the potential benefits? Do I know the potential consequences of my decisions? Do I know the potential harms?

  7. Steps that lead to an “Informed Decision” • Get the facts – balanced information (pros and cons) • Talk with your doctor • Ask questions • Discuss with family and others • Make an informed decision

  8. Champions for Health • Mission To promote prostate cancer awareness, informed decision making and men's health issues in Galveston County. • Began in August 2007 • Over 500 men and women have received information, services and referrals

  9. Areas in Need of Prostate Cancer Screening *Map provided by the National Cancer Institute

  10. Champions for Health - Partners • Galveston community • The Jesse Tree • Texas AgriLife Extension Service • National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service • American Heart Association • St. Vincent's House • College of the Mainland • Us Too! • Barbers • Others

  11. Champions for Health - Activities • Trained approx. 22 “Champions” • Prostate cancer presentation developed • Educational flyer created • “This Time…It’s about You!” campaign • Presentations at community events and churches • Prostate Cancer event at the College of the Mainland • Prostate cancer screenings (150+ men) – Feb 2008 • Hosting a satellite teleconference on Men's Health Disparities (UNC) – June 2008 • Initiating Statewide Network for groups involved in prostate cancer awareness and education – June 2008

  12. Champions for Health - Resources

  13. Socio-ecological Model Chapter 6: Wisewoman in a Broader Context – North Carolina

  14. Champions for Health – Individual Level • Informed Decision Making • Understanding the nature and risks of prostate cancer • Understanding risks, benefits, and alternatives to screening • Participating in decision making at desired level • Making decisions consistent with preferences and values • Or, deferring the decision to a later time

  15. Champions for Health – Interpersonal Level • “Champions” or advocates – educate community in group or one-on-one settings • Educate women in the community - facilitators of health decisions or “cues to action” for men

  16. Champions for Health – Community Level • Coalition developed • Initiated statewide Prostate Cancer Education Network (2008) • Developed “This Time…It’s About You” campaign – flyers and PSA

  17. Champions for Health – Organizational Level • The Jesse Tree – provides case management services to connect people to a medical home • Barbershop – system to educate men on health issues

  18. Champions for Health – Policy Level • Follow-up and treatment (system of care) has to be in place prior to any education or promotion of screening opportunities • Referral system built into screening opportunity

  19. Things to consider • Putting referral systems in place (screening services, follow-up and treatment) prior to education and campaigns • Identify existing materials first • Consistent messages • Short, concise messages • Prostate Cancer presented as a part of the larger Men’s Health concept • Training your partners, speakers and other team members

  20. “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

  21. “Yes we can!” ~Barack Obama www.jessetree.net

  22. Questions? www.jessetree.net

  23. There is also a video concerning Champions for Health on our website under Program & Services. www.jessetree.net

  24. References • Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health. North Carolina Cancer Understanding Today Study (NC CUTS). Presentation. • McCormack, et al. Promoting Informed Decision Making About Prostate Cancer Screening. Presentation. CDC funded project. • Prostate Cancer Screening: A Decision Guide for African Americans (CDC) • River, Brian (2006). Addressing Prostate Cancer among African Americans: Time for a New Approach. Presentation. • Rivers, Brian (2008). Understanding Your Risk for Prostate Cancer. Presentation. • Treatment Choices for Men with Early-Stage Prostate Cancer (NCI) • Understanding Prostate Changes: A Health Guide for Men (NCI) • What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer (NCI) www.jessetree.net

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