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science behind marketing an event online n.
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The Science Behind Marketing An Event Online. PowerPoint Presentation
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The Science Behind Marketing An Event Online.

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The Science Behind Marketing An Event Online.
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The Science Behind Marketing An Event Online.

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  1. Science Behind Marketing An Event Online.

  2. What is Event Marketing ? • It is activity of displaying and awaring peoples of the society about the particular event. It is mainly done to increase the number of attendees and spreading the word about the event in market. • It comprises the steps of gathering and attracting the peoples towards the event. • Simply it tells the world that particular kind of event is exist here.

  3. Online Vs Offline Event Marketing :

  4. Channels of Online Event Marketing: 1. Event posting sites : These are platforms which works as mediator between organizers and participants. Offers the best platform to promote the event, since users are already available here so we don’t have to explore the whole market looking for them. Just post the event and promotion will be started in next moment. 2. Social Media: According to study 71% of marketers use this platform for the promotion of their event. Social media has the ability to highlight the event and getting it viral by sharing and recommending. 3. Blogs:Writing and explaining the motive and reason behind the event is always the best option to draw the users towards the event. It helps in nurturing the peoples and keeping them interested.

  5. Benefits Of Online Event Marketing: • Low or negligible investment. • Guaranteed maximum exposure. • Can reach to more potential users. • Increases engagement. • Ability to increase the business revenue. • Get event viral.

  6. How To Get Started? Steps of getting started: 1. Deciding channel : Select the channel of marketing according to event type. If event is focus on educating peoples then blogs are the best. 2.Select the event hosting website : There are many websites which offers this kind of services, select best of them for better results. 3. Selecting method : The method is depends upon your goal what you wanted to achieve. Like spreading the event to more and more peoples or targeting only potential users or you just want to increase the popularity of event. 4. Target peoples according to interest and location.

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